Cooling your head makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up!?

In the summer, when tropical nights continue for days on end, it can be difficult to fall asleep even with the air conditioner on. I tried using a “pillow” that seems to be useful for such a sleepless night. What is the effect of Iris Ohyama’s “Sleeping Cool Pillow KCP-450” (hereinafter referred to as “Sleeping Cool Pillow”), which cools the head to help you fall asleep and sleep comfortably, and wake up comfortably?
What is a “Sleep Cool Pillow”?
The Cool Sleep Pillow consists of a main body and a “cooling sheet” (the part that comes in contact with the human head). Cool the head. It’s like an ice pillow, but the cooling water continues to circulate through the main unit and the cooling sheet, so it doesn’t get warm on the way. In addition, you can select the strength of cooling, and the proper temperature is kept.
Equipped with two modes that can be used when sleeping and when generating heat
As a use, it cools the head, but it has two modes, “Good night mode” that supports sleep and “Continuous cooling mode” that is useful in case of fever etc.,  In both modes, the “off” timer can be set between 0.5 and 12 hours in 0.5 hour increments up to 10 hours, and in 1 hour increments over 10 hours. The cooling strength can also be selected in three stages: “Strong”, “Standard” and “Moderate”, but the set temperature is different for each mode.

▼Continuous cooling mode
In the continuous cooling mode, which keeps the temperature at the set cooling strength, the temperature of the cooling sheet is set to about -9°C (strong), -7°C (standard), -5°C (moderate) from the room temperature. is set to Of course, when the room temperature is low, such as in winter, the temperature is not simply lowered. For example, if the room temperature is 10°C, even if it is set to ‘strong’, it will not be ‘-1°C’, but will be adjusted so that it does not get too cold. However, when you put your head on the cooling sheet, the temperature of the cooling water inside will rise, so it is a program that cools to the appropriate temperature according to the temperature change.
Let’s check how the temperature of the cooling sheet changes when the cooling intensity is set to “Normal” in continuous cooling mode. The temperature of the verified room is 28°C. “Standard” is “room temperature to -7°C”, so it will be “21°C”, but instead of being rapidly cooled, the temperature gradually dropped to 21°C over about an hour.
▼ Good night mode
The good night mode that supports sleep is characterized by automatically controlling the temperature of the cooling sheet according to the sleep rhythm. When people fall asleep, it is said that when the core temperature of the body drops, smooth sleep and deep sleep are encouraged. And in the second half of sleep after falling asleep, the body temperature gradually rises toward waking up. The comfortable sleep cool pillow adjusts the temperature based on the rhythm of the body according to the sleep time. The strength of cooling is set so that the temperature of the cooling sheet is 20 ° C for “strong”, 23 ° C for “standard”, and 26 ° C for “moderate”. After falling asleep and the first half of sleep, it switches to weak cooling (27°C) after driving to reach the set temperature.
I tried sleeping using “Sleeping Cool Pillow”
As far as I tried the above-mentioned continuous cooling mode, just cooling my head for a few minutes relieved my sluggishness and made me feel refreshed. Let’s actually try whether sleep really changes. Set the cooling strength to “strong” and sleep time to 8 hours. And go to bed with the air conditioner cooling operation turned on as usual. However, the author is concerned about the electricity bill, so the set temperature is a little higher at 29 to 30 degrees Celsius. Perhaps because of that, I always have trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle, etc., so I can’t have a comfortable sleep.

I hope you have understood the effect of the good night mode, but some people may be worried about the driving sound because it is used near the head. So, I used a sound level meter to measure the operating sound in the “standard” sleep mode (see the video below). The driving sound is about 42 dB, so the noise level is about the same as in the library. I measured it relatively close to the main unit, so if it bothers you, you should move the main unit away from the pillow as much as possible (although there is a limit because it is connected with a tube).
In addition, when I set the main unit in the same position as the video above and went to bed, the driving sound that was a little annoying at first became less annoying over time. And you can sleep normally and feel comfortable in the morning!

Before using it, does cooling your head make a big difference in falling asleep and waking up? Wouldn’t you rather wake up with a cold head? I thought about various things, but when I actually used it, it was effective. I slept in the same environment as usual, so I could feel the difference. For me, who uses the air conditioner moderately, I am happy that I was able to sleep comfortably even in the summer. In addition, the rated power of the cool sleep pillow is 70W, so even if it is used for 8 hours, it will be about 15 yen (the electricity charge per kWh is calculated at 27 yen).

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