Completeness of convincing even at a price of over 300,000 yen! Honda’s new “Super Cub 110” with improved quality and driving fun

In recent years, sales of one-class mopeds of 50cc or less have declined, while sales of two-class mopeds of 125cc or less have continued to grow. It has become a driving force in the series. Such a Super Cub 110 will be remodeled in April 2022 with a new engine. The author, who has tested the first model and the predecessor model, tried to see what kind of riding taste it had evolved .

The “Super Cub” name includes five models: “Super Cub 50”, “Super Cub 50 Pro”, “Super Cub 110”, “Super Cub 110 Pro” and “Super Cub C125”. The recently popular “Hunter Cub CT125” and “Cross Cub 50/110” are based on the same series.  The first generation “Super Cub 110”, which appeared in 2009, not only increased the displacement from the previous “Super Cub 90”, but also adopted the same telescopic front fork as a normal motorcycle, which made the ride feel at once. It became more like a motorcycle, and it became accepted by general motorcycle enthusiasts.
The displacement is 109cc, and the cylinder is tilted almost horizontally, so it is the same as the “horizontal type”, but the bore (inner diameter) x stroke (stroke) has been changed to 47.0 x 63.1 from the previous model’s 50.0 x 55.6. Change to long stroke type. Although the maximum output remains unchanged at 8PS x 7,500rpm, the torque is 8.8Nm/5,500rpm, which is 0.3Nm higher than the predecessor model. It is a number that supports the characteristics of the long stroke type with excellent torque characteristics. In addition, the fuel efficiency is 67.9km/L in “WMTC” mode, which is 0.9km/L improved from the previous model.

Another major evolution point is the suspension, where the wheel has changed from the conventional spoke type to a cast wheel, the front brake has been changed to a hydraulic disc, and ABS is also equipped. Rather, it would be correct to say that the regulations required this class to be equipped with ABS, so the brakes were changed to discs (conventional drum brakes could not be made ABS) and the wheels were also made to discs. Since the Hunter Cub CT125 has spoke wheels and disc brakes, it is possible to convert spoke wheels to disc brakes, but it seems that cast wheels were used due to problems such as manufacturing costs.
The appearance is almost the same as the predecessor model, which changed from square headlights to round eyes, and the slightly angular silhouette was restored to a rounded one. There are no major changes to the exterior except that the overall width has increased by 10mm, but the details have been brushed up.
Improve your driving performance and enjoy cornering!
In terms of specs, there is no big difference from the previous model, but it seems that the feeling has changed because the design of the part related to driving performance has changed. After driving around the city, I went to the winding roads in the suburbs and checked the ride quality of the new “Super Cub 110”.
Start the engine, depress the seesaw pedal and shift to 1st gear. The shift feeling is also solid. The ease of shifting up is an advantage inherited from the Super Cub series. On the contrary, I never thought that the shift feeling was good. However, the new “Super Cub 110” can now be shifted with a click. It’s a small change that makes me feel better, but it has a big impact on riding a motorcycle.

In addition, the engine, which has a long stroke and slightly increased torque, was appreciated not only in the city but also on slopes in the suburbs. Even in situations where you would want to shift down in the past, just open the accelerator a little and it will climb a steep slope. Since the seesaw type shift of the Super Cub, which has no clutch operation, is not easy to blip to match the rotation when downshifting (it is possible by pushing the accelerator while depressing the shift pedal), this point is a bigger difference than I thought. likely to be

On the winding, I could feel the biggest change. The feeling when turning by banking the car body after braking was improved. Not only is the braking effect good, but it is also easy to control, so you can manipulate the sinking of the telescopic fork. And the sense of rigidity and security when laying down the car body is dramatically improved. The suspension of the previous series worked well and was easy to drive around town, but it was not a machine that enjoyed cornering. However, like the new “Super Cub 110”, the Super Cub C125 equipped with cast wheels and disc brakes is different. When I took a test ride, I felt that “I can enjoy cornering with this.” You can now enjoy that feeling with the Super Cub 110.
after test drive
When I test rode the Super Cub 110 that appeared in 2009, I felt that it felt like a normal motorcycle, and this impression has been further strengthened by this model change. In 2012, the Super Cub 110 was designed with a straight line, and in 2017, it returned to a round shape. Several models have appeared while the 2022 model is on sale, but the design of the part related to driving performance is this time. hasn’t changed that much. The merits of the telescopic fork, which can control sinking with braking force, became even clearer with the use of disc brakes, and the new “Super Cub 110”, which has become more agile in response to operation due to the use of cast wheels, is nearing completion. I wonder if I can say it.

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