Compare the price of “iPhone 14”, Apple is cheap for bulk, Rakuten is cheap for split!

“Biweekly Smartphone News” is a series that introduces news related to the mobile industry, including smartphones, announced in the last two weeks. This time, we will explain the price comparison of the “iPhone 14” series announced by each company, the status of the compatible frequency bands of “Galaxy Z Fold4” and “Galaxy Z Flip4”, which have been improved from the previous model.
Where is the cheapest iPhone 14? Compare device prices of 4 carriers + Apple
Apple “iPhone 14” series to be released from September 16, 2022. Prices are generally high, partly due to the impact of the depreciation of the yen. However, the difference between the prices announced by the four carriers and Apple is surprisingly large. I compared each device.

iPhone 14
Comparing the prices, direct sales at the Apple Store are cheaper for all four models. If you buy it with a lump sum payment, it will be the first candidate. In addition, since there is no line contract, it is easy to combine with cheap rate plans such as cheap MVNO SIMs and online-only brands of communication carriers. On the other hand, installments without interest can be paid in up to 36 installments, and 48 installments cannot be selected, so it is not suitable for those who want to keep their monthly payments low. If you want to keep your monthly payments low, Rakuten Mobile, which has a low price and can choose 48 payments, will be a powerful option.
The corresponding frequency bands of “Galaxy Z Fold4” and “Galaxy Z Flip4” have been found. Improved band limit
On September 29, 2022, the compatible frequency bands of “Galaxy Z Fold4” and “Galaxy Z Flip4” (both made by Samsung), which will be released by NTT Docomo, KDDI (au), and Rakuten Mobile, are attracting some attention. are collecting. The table below summarizes the status of each response.

Galaxy Z Fold4
The point is that the frequency bands supported by both models are roughly the same, regardless of which market model they are. In addition, it is fully compatible with other companies’ platinum bands, such as B19 at NTT Docomo, B18/B26 at KDDI, and B8 at Softbank. If this is the case, it will be possible to use the network of other companies’ lines without problems.

The previous models “Galaxy Z Fold3” and “Galaxy Z Flip3” were released by NTT Docomo and au at the timing immediately after the government-led SIM lock was abolished. However, it was criticized that the abolishment of the SIM lock had no real meaning because the frequency band it supported was specialized for its own line and the specifications of other companies’ lines were extremely difficult to use. It can be said that the movement to abolish SIM locks has become quite established in the past year.
Summary of update information for smartphones and mobile phones
We have summarized the software update information for smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, etc. released between September 6th and September 15th, 2022. Note that terminals that are regularly updated are excluded.

Common to carriers and SIM-free
Upgrade to iOS 16
iPhone (Apple)
iPad (Apple)

NTT DoCoMo, ahamo
Security updates and bug fixes
・Galaxy A53 5G SC-53C (Samsung)
・Galaxy S21 5G SC-51B (Samsung)
・Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SC-52B (Samsung)
・Galaxy A52 5G SC-53B (Samsung)
・Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SC-53A (Samsung)
・AQUOS wish2 SH-51C (Sharp)
・AQUOS R6 SH-51B (Sharp)
・AQUOS sense4 SH-41A (Sharp)
・Kids Mobile phone SH-03M (Sharp)
, Xperia 1 IV SO-51C (Sony)
, Xperia 10 IV SO-52C (Sony)
, Xperia 1 III SO-51B (Sony)
, Xperia 5 III SO-53B (Sony)
, arrows NX9 F-52A (FCNT)
, arrows Keitai F-03L (FCNT)
, Rakuraku Smartphone F-42A (FCNT)

au・UQ mobile
Security updates and bug fixes
・AQUOS zero6 SHG04 (Sharp)
・Mi 10 Lite 5G XIG01 (Xiaomi)
・Galaxy A32 5G SCG08 (Samsung)
・Galaxy Z Flip 5G SCG04 (Samsung)
・Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SCG05 (Samsung)
・Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SCG06 (Samsung)
, Galaxy 5G Mobile Wi-Fi SCR01 (Samsung)
, Galaxy A53 5G SCG15 (Samsung)
, Galaxy S22 SCG13 (Samsung)
, Galaxy S22 Ultra SCG14 (Samsung)
, Galaxy 5G Mobile Wi-Fi (Samsung ) * UQ mobile version
, Galaxy A53 5G (Samsung) * UQ mobile version
, ZTE a1 ZTG01 (ZTE)
, Xperia 10 IV SOG07 (Sony)
, Xperia 1 III SOG03 (Sony)
, Xperia 5 III SOG05 (Sony)
, Xperia 10 IV (Sony) *UQ mobile version

Softbank Ymobile
Upgrade to Android 12
・BALMUDA Phone (Balmuda Technologies)

Security updates and bug fixes
・DIGNO BX2 (Kyocera)
・arrows We (FCNT)
・AQUOS sense3 basic (Sharp)
・AQUOS R6 (Sharp)
・Simple Smartphone 4 (Sharp)
・razr 5G (Motorola Mobility)
・LEITZ PHONE 1 ( Leica)
, Xperia 10 IV (Sony)

Rakuten Mobile
Security updates and bug fixes
・AQUOS zero6 (Sharp)
・AQUOS R compact SH-M06 (Sharp)
・AQUOS sense6 (Sharp)
・Xperia 10 IV (Sony)

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