Compare the four “drinking soup stocks” that are popular with horses! What is the most delicious? What goes well with rice balls?

Soup-based products will be sold in vending machines in the fall and winter, but did you know that Japanese- style soup cans have recently been added to the lineup? So, this time, we will compare all 4 products, including the most major Japanese Coca-Cola “GO: GOOD Goku!
Among them is an ambitious work called “Dashi-wari no Sake”, which is made by dividing sake with soup stock. What kind of soup stock is effective and what kind of taste is it? In addition, there are voices on SNS etc. that “it goes well with rice balls”, but we will also verify which product is the most compatible with rice balls.

Smooth mouth and lingering fragrance
[1] Coca-Cola Japan “GO: GOOD Goku!
First of all, from the most major “GO: GOOD Goku! This is a flavor that has been added to “GO: GOOD”, which debuted in 2019 under the name of “Liquid Food Brand”, from the fall of 2020.
“GO: GOOD Goku! And delicious Japanese soup stock” is also characterized by being supervised by Kikkoman, who is familiar with soy sauce. The aim was to use bonito, kelp, and chin (flying fish) extracts to enhance the original taste and aroma of the soup stock, while maintaining a refreshing taste that will not get tired of as a beverage. The healthyness of 2kcal and zero carbohydrates is also noteworthy.
This time, I drank and compared all of them at room temperature and warmed ones, but the way I felt the taste changed considerably depending on the temperature. Warming the soup stock emphasizes the umami and saltiness of the soup stock, and the touch feels mellow. On the other hand, the room temperature is sharper and cleaner. If you drink it in the fall and winter, it will be more delicious to warm it.

So, the taste of “GO: GOOD Goku! And delicious Japanese soup stock” is more delicious than I imagined. For example, canned coffee, especially the type with milk, has a deteriorating taste compared to a cup of brewed barista, and the freshness and saturation of the aroma are impaired. There is no natural feeling, and you can drink it normally.
Of particular note is the fragrant nuance that you can feel in the afterglow. This may be the effect of roasted chin soup stock. As the product name suggests, it has a smooth mouthfeel that is recommended for men and women of all ages. If you see it while driving, in the city, at a train station or in an office, please give it a try.
Elegant taste with mellow and rich saltiness
[2] Yamaya “Umadashi (can)”
“Yamaya” in Hakata, Fukuoka, which is famous for mentaiko and motsunabe, is a masterpiece with a hidden product called “Umadashi”. “Umadashi (can)” is a standard type that is sold as a soup stock pack and is commercialized in a can.

The debut of “Umadashi (can)” was in 2015, and it attracted attention because it was also released at the vending machine at Haneda Airport. The manager of the company that manages the vending machines at the airport proposed a plan to “Yamaya” with the idea that “I have corn pottage and miso soup, so I think it’s okay to have” dashi “.” It seems that it was the trigger.
This is an attempt five years earlier than “GO: GOOD Goku! And delicious soup stock”, and you can see a high degree of foresight. Initially, sales were about 10,000 bottles a month, but as it became a hot topic on SNS, it became possible to sell about 20,000 bottles a month, which is unusual for soups from the following winter.
As with “GO: GOOD Goku!”, The quality of the taste is perfect. Probably because it is a Hakata brand, it has an elegant taste with the flavor of sardines and grilled chin. The saltiness is a little strong and the touch is mellow. Immerse yourself in a luxurious mood with a bite.
Perhaps because each material is exquisitely blended, you can feel the umami layered on top of each other. This point may also contribute to elegance. It should still be on sale at Haneda Airport, so be sure to check it out when you travel.
It takes time to make, but the fragrance is excellent.
[3] Ninben “Honbetsu Katsuobushi Drinking Odashi Bonito 6g x 5 bags”
“Ninben” is a maker that cannot be removed from “drinking soup stock”. Founded in 1699 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo during the Edo period, it is a long-established soup stock / soup stock that represents Japan. In 2010, when “COREDO Muromachi 1” opened, “Nihonbashi Dashiba” was opened. “Katsuobushi / Katsuobushi / Kombu Dashi”, which sells from 100 yen per cup, became a big topic. This “drinking soup stock” was commercialized as a package in “Honbuki Katsuobushi Drinking Odashi”.
This is not a canned soup stock, so it needs to be extracted with hot water. However, it’s easy to put out, just put the product pack in a warm cup, pour 180 ml of boiling water and wait for 2-3 minutes. There is also a recipe for cooking in a pot.

The soup stock is made by stuffing the ingredients naturally and has almost no saltiness. As for the umami, it is straight and powerful. In addition, the material is simple with bonito, but the powerful and delicate parts of bonito feel like a gradation, and you can feel the pride of a long-established store.

In the world of coffee and whiskey, the blend type is well-balanced, and it is said that single origin and single malt are easy to show the individuality of the material, but I feel that the soup stock pack is similar to this. In other words, the single bonito is more unique.

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