Compactly condensed functions inherited from high-end models. Sony’s latest sound bar “HT-A5000” and “HT-A3000”

The popularity of sound bars is gradually increasing in Japan as well. In addition to the increase in TV screen size, the spread of video distribution services has made it possible to access various contents while at home, and the increased time spent at home due to the corona crisis seems to be a tailwind. In addition, Japan has many special living environments with many walls, so rather than a full-fledged home theater speaker, which has a high introduction hurdle, it is compatible with a sound bar that can be easily connected and can easily upgrade the sound of your home TV. It can be said that it was one of the reasons that it was good.

In Japan, single-bar type sound bars seem to be particularly popular among sound bars, and even in the popular sales ranking of ” home theater speakers ” on, 16 out of the top 20 products are single-bar type products. there is Speaking of single-bar type sound bars, until a long time ago, they were mainly affordable entry-level models, but recently, high-end products equipped with enabled speakers that allow you to enjoy full-fledged stereophonic sound have appeared from major manufacturers. ing.

Among the high-end single-bar type sound bars, the most popular one on is the Sony sound bar flagship model “ HT-A7000 ” released in August 2021 . In order to realize realistic stereophonic sound with only one bar, it is equipped with a speaker unit with a 7.1.2ch configuration, and supports three stereophonic sounds, “Dolby Atmos”, “DTS:X” and “360 Reality Audio”, rear speakers sold separately In combination with Sony’s unique stereophonic technology “360 Spatial Sound Mapping”, it is a very multi-functional product that seems to be a flagship model. The lowest price on is 139,887 yen (as of August 23, 2022), which is quite an expensive product, but it is a popular product that continues to stay at the top of the rankings nearly a year after its release.

As a younger brother of such “HT-A7000″, new models ” HT-A5000 ” and ” HT-A3000 ” of the single bar type sound bar that compactly condensed the functionality of the high-end model were announced today. The release date is October 22nd for the “HT-A5000” and September 10th for the “HT-A3000”.

Equipped with an enabled speaker. 5.1.2ch configuration full-fledged model “HT-A5000”
The “HT-A5000″ is a high-middle model equipped with a 5.1.2ch configuration speaker unit. The number of front speakers has been reduced from 7 in the HT-A7000 to 5, but the HT-A7000 has an enabled speaker that reflects off the ceiling to create a three-dimensional surround effect, and a beam tweeter in the horizontal direction. A7000”, the ceiling reflection by the enabled speaker placed on the top of the sound bar, the wall reflection by the beam tweeter placed on both sides of the sound bar with a 25° horizontal tilt, and the sound in the height direction By combining the virtual surround technology “Vertical Surround Engine” that reproduces the horizontal sound spread, You can enjoy surround sound.
It also has an automatic sound field correction function. Like the “HT-A7000”, it also supports connection with separately sold rear speakers and subwoofers, and when combined with rear speakers, it also supports Sony’s unique stereophonic technology “360 Spatial Sound Mapping”. .
The body size is 1210 (width) x 67 (height) x 140 (depth) mm, and the number of front speakers has been reduced, making it smaller than the HT-A7000, making it suitable for 65V TVs. It is also a point that it is easy to combine. The grill of the enabled speaker has also been changed from the fabric material of the “HT-A7000” to punching metal, improving maintainability.
The interface is HDMI input x 1, HDMI output x 1, optical digital input x 1, USB x 1. There is also a dedicated terminal for use with the “Acoustic Center Sink”, which uses the corresponding BRAVIA as a center speaker to further enhance the image and sound integration. The wireless connection is equipped with IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compatible Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (reception: SBC/AAC/LDAC, transmission: SBC/LDAC). Network functions support Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Works with Google Assistant, Airplay2, etc.
I actually experienced the sound of the “HT-A5000”, but compared to the “HT-A7000” alone, the sound pressure from the front shifted to a slightly quieter image. With a very neutral sound, it seems to match not only content with flashy action scenes, but also content of any genre, such as dramas and live videos. The same is true for the “360 Spatial Sound Mapping” that combines the rear speaker ” SA-RS5 ” and the subwoofer ” SA -SW5 “. The image was similar to that of the A9 , and I was able to seamlessly enter the space.

The HT-A5000 has inherited the functionality of the high-end model HT-A7000. The size of the main unit is also smaller, and for those who have not been able to install the “HT-A7000” due to the installation location and the stunt shape of the TV, the “HT-A5000” has a lower hurdle in terms of installation space. If it is set with “SA-RS5”, it can be introduced for less than 200,000 yen, and it seems to be a perfect one for those who want to try “360 Spatial Sound Mapping” with a sound bar.

“HT-A3000” with a width of 1 m and easy to combine with a small TV
“HT-A3000” is a middle-class product that is one grade lower than “HT-A5000”. The speaker configuration is 3.1ch. Enabled speakers are not installed, and a surround sound field is generated using the virtual surround technology “Vertical Surround Engine” that reproduces the sound in the height direction, and the “S-Force PRO Front Surround” that reproduces the spread of sound in the horizontal direction. It is a form to

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