Coming Soon! A thorough explanation of the price of the new Toyota “Sienta” and how to buy it “has become difficult”

2022 is likely to be the year of the minivan. The middle-sized minivans Toyota “Noah” and “Voxy” and Honda “Step Wagon” will be fully remodeled to new models, and Nissan’s new “Serena” will be released from the end of 2022 to 2023. In addition, Toyota “Alphard” and Honda “Freed” will be renewed within the next year.
And what I would like to tell you about in this article is the Toyota “Sienta”, which will be fully remodeled soon. The new Sienta is scheduled to be officially announced on August 23, 2022, and some dealers are accepting pre-orders from around July 23, 2022, clarifying the grade composition and price. This time, based on information such as price and equipment, I would like to explain the charm and recommended grade of the new Sienta before the official announcement.
*All images of the “Sienta” in this article are of the current model (2nd generation, at the time of article publication).
First of all, the new Sienta is a compact minivan with a 5-number size, just like the conventional model. Toyota’s new “Noah” and “Voxy” have been revamped into 3 number cars, including the standard body, so the easy-to-handle 5 number size Sienta has become more important than ever.
The platform of the new Sienta will be basically renewed to a platform called “GA-B”, which is similar to Toyota’s “Yaris” and “Aqua”. However, since the Sienta is a minivan, the second row seats are equipped with a long slide mechanism. Furthermore, in order to optimize the seating posture by securing sufficient space between the floor and the seat surface of the third row seat, a thin fuel tank will be adopted as in the conventional model.

The wheelbase is 2,550mm for the Yaris and 2,600mm for the Aqua, but the Sienta was as long as 2,750mm even for the conventional model. In addition, the new model is expanded to about 2,780 mm, and while following the 5 number size, it provides extra legroom for the 2nd and 3rd row seats. The conventional third-row seats were a little cramped, so improvements have been made in the new model.

As mentioned so far, the new Sienta adopts the GA-B platform, but there are many changes when compared to Yaris and Aqua. It can be seen that the new Sienta is trying to achieve a high level of comfort and ease of driving when many people are on board.

There are two types of engines, a 1.5L in-line 3-cylinder NA (naturally aspirated) engine and a hybrid, similar to the Yaris Cross. The conventional WLTC mode fuel consumption was 17km / L for the NA engine and 22.8km / L for the hybrid, but the new Sienta has been redesigned in the power unit and further improved.

And the new Sienta has evolved safety equipment. Collision damage mitigation brakes detect vehicles traveling straight ahead even when turning right or left, and can now respond to pedestrians on crosswalks. Blind spot information is also set to detect and notify vehicles running parallel behind.
The grade configuration includes basic X, intermediate G, and advanced Z for both NA engine and hybrid. As for the drive system, 2WD (FF) and 4WD are available for each grade.

The price of the hybrid is 350,000 yen higher for the G and Z than the NA engine. This price difference is the same as the price difference in the main grades such as Noah, Voxy and “Corolla Cross”, and it is a common price setting for Toyota’s hybrid vehicles today. And in the case of the new Sienta, the tax amount paid when purchasing a hybrid vehicle is about 60,000 yen cheaper than a NA engine vehicle (comparing between G grades). Therefore, the actual price difference is reduced to about 290,000 yen, and considering the balance between functions, equipment, and price, hybrid vehicles are more affordable than NA engine-equipped vehicles.

As for the seat arrangement, there are 2-row seats for 5 people and 3-row seats for 7 people. This price difference is almost the same as the conventional model, and it is in the cheap category as a consideration for the third row seat. In other words, a 7-seater with 3 rows of seats is a bargain.

Looking at the equipment of each grade, the X is also equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, which is a set of collision damage mitigation brakes and driving support functions. And when it comes to intermediate G, 8-inch display audio and sliding door electric functions are added. The price of the hybrid G ​​is 270,000 yen higher than the X. The top-of-the-line Z has a genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel and hands-free dual power sliding doors, and the price is 220,000 yen higher than the G.

Looking at these grade configurations, the most recommended grade is the intermediate G with a hybrid. The price for a 7-seater is 2,690,000 yen, which is 110,000 yen more than the 2,580,000 yen of the most expensive hybrid G ​​Cuero in the conventional Sienta, but considering the improved equipment and specifications from the previous generation, it is convincing.

One thing to keep in mind when buying the new Sienta is that there are “recommended specifications” and other “non-recommended specifications”. The recommended specification is a specification that combines a specific grade and optional equipment, and the start of production is early. Other deprecated specifications will delay the start of production. The dealer explains as follows.

If we accept pre-orders at the end of July 2022, we will be able to deliver by December, even if September is difficult. However, non-recommended specifications can only be ordered after January 2023. Production will start after April 2023, so delivery will be as early as May 2023. Orders for recommended specifications that are pre-produced have been placed.

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