Comfortable web conferencing with AI camera and microphone! Notebook PC “HUAWEI MateBook D 16” appeared

On September 15, 2022, Huawei announced new products such as laptops, displays, tablets, backpacks, and mice. Of particular note is the HUAWEI MateBook D 16, a notebook PC equipped with an AI camera and AI microphone that enables web conferencing with high-quality image quality and sound.

Notebook PC “HUAWEI MateBook D 16”
The “HUAWEI MateBook D 16” has a large 16-inch screen, but adopts a thin body that has been inherited in the series. In the same size range of about 1.7 kg, it achieves a weight that is relatively lightweight. It’s a little heavy to carry on the go, but it’s not a problem if you’re traveling at home or at work.

The 16-inch display is the first Huawei laptop with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Compared to the general 16:9, the display area is about 10% wider in the vertical direction, and in situations where information is collected vertically, such as browsing web pages and Office apps (Outlook), more information can be displayed in 1 It can be displayed on the screen, and it is said that work efficiency will be improved.
The CPU of this machine adopts the Intel 12th generation Core processor “Core i5-12450H”. There are 2 models of 8GB and 16GB of memory, and 512GB of storage is common.

As a feature that other laptops equipped with this machine do not have, it is equipped with a web camera and microphone that uses AI. The “AI camera” adjusts so that the speaker’s face is always placed in the center of the screen. Features include the ability to apply a background.
The four microphones installed in the main unit feature a noise canceling function that uses AI to identify and amplify only the human voice, or to focus and amplify only the speaker’s voice. At the recital, I was able to see the pattern actually tested by Huawei staff, but even if there was quite a lot of noise in the surroundings, when the noise canceling was turned on, the accuracy was so high that the noise was almost inaudible. It’s just

In addition, the external interface has four USB ports (USB Type-A x 2, USB Type-C x 2) and an HDMI output port. It will be easy to output to an external display and use peripheral devices.

“HUAWEI MateBook D 16” will be released on September 15th. The estimated market price is 172,800 yen for the memory 8GB model and 192,800 yen for the 16GB model (both including tax, the same below).

Display “HUAWEI MateView SE”
“HUAWEI MateView SE” is a display equipped with a 23.8-inch full HD (16: 9, 1920 x 1080) IPS liquid crystal. It boasts a high screen-to-screen ratio of 92% due to its ultra-narrow bezel, covers 90% of DCI-P3, which is a cinema-level color gamut, and 100% of web standard sRGB, and can display about 16.7 million colors. Realize the color.
It has received blue light and flicker-free certification from Germany’s TÜV Rheinland, a global third-party testing and certification body, and is also characterized by reducing eye strain even when working for long hours.

This machine has a lineup of two products, a standard model and a vertical/horizontal rotation model. As the name suggests, the vertical/horizontal rotation model can be used horizontally or vertically depending on the application by using the pivot function. It also supports VESA standards, which makes it easy to use monitor arms and wall-mounted metal fittings. It has high versatility that can be used as a main display or as a sub-display for multi-display.
“HUAWEI MateView SE” will be released on September 15th. The estimated market price is 26,800 yen for the vertical/horizontal rotating plate that supports the pivot function and VESA standard, and 22,800 yen for the standard model with the same basic specifications as the vertical/horizontal rotating plate without the pivot function and VESA standard support. .

Tablets, wireless mice, Wi-Fi routers, and backpacks also appeared
Let’s introduce the products announced in addition to “HUAWEI MateBook D 16” and “HUAWEI MateView SE”.

First, from “HUAWEI MatePad T8”. It is an 8-inch tablet equipped with Huawei’s original OS “Harmoney OS” and features a lightweight body of 310g. “Kirin 710A” is adopted for SoC. The memory and storage capacity are available in combinations of 2GB + 16GB and 2GB + 32GB.
“HUAWEI MatePad T8” will be released on September 15th. The estimated market price is from 19,800 yen.

In network equipment, the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) router “HUAWEI WiFi AX3” and the mobile router “HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3” were announced. The former supports its own “Wi-Fi 6+” and IPv6 (IPoE), and is equipped with a function to diagnose network conditions and present solutions. The latter corresponds to Cat-7 for 4G LTE.
The estimated market price is 8,800 yen. “HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3” will be released on September 30th. The estimated market price is 14,960 yen.

In addition, as accessories, the 100% PU material waterproof backpack “HUAWEI Stylish Backpack” and the wireless mouse “HUAWEI Wireless Mouse” have appeared. The “HUAWEI Stylish Backpack” will be released on September 15th with an estimated market price of 9,800 yen. “HUAWEI Wireless Mouse” will be released on September 15th with an estimated market price of 4,800 yen.

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