Citroen “C5 X” with excellent ride comfort and excellent interior and exterior

There are two types of powertrains, a gasoline engine and a PHEV, with prices starting at 4.84 million yen. The release is scheduled for October 1, 2022. This time, I was able to test drive a car with a gasoline engine of C5 X for about 2 hours at the press conference, so I would like to report it.
“Normal” and easier to handle than the old Big Citroen
The name C5 X refers to the original styling that crosses over (X) the three elements of sedan, station wagon, and SUV to the flagship “C5”. It also suggests that it inherited the lineage of X such as “CX” and “XM”.
The design of the C5 X is clearly a crossover styling, and depending on how you look at it, it looks like Toyota’s new “Crown Crossover”, but if you include overseas, the C5 X appeared earlier, so the Crown is more similar. It may be correct to say that While raising the minimum ground clearance, the elegant roofline expresses a relaxed exterior. Also, one of the features of the C5 X is that it has a rear hatch gate, which is rare for Citroen. All of the Big Citroëns looked like they were equipped with a hatch gate with a gentle shape around the rear, but in fact they had a trunk like a normal sedan instead of a hatch gate. It is believed that the main purpose of this was to ensure body rigidity. However, due to the electrification strategy such as EV and PHEV, the high rigidity of the new platform was achieved, and the desired body rigidity could be secured. This is because even the C4 and others are equipped with a large hatch gate, which greatly improves convenience.

The interior of the old Big Citroen is more original than the exterior, with bobbin-type meters and cylindrical switch boxes on the left and right of the meters. There were even times when I couldn’t start. However, the C5 X does not have such a problem, and the necessary switches are placed where they are necessary and easy to handle, so you can start immediately.

“Double chevron” everywhere
There was a time when the interiors of French cars were said to be practical and plasticky, but that is a thing of the past. is. Looking at the interior, I notice that the double chevron and Citroen marks are set everywhere. This was designed by a team managed by Chie Yanagisawa, a color and material designer.

“Since the C5 X has a role as a flagship, it was the most important goal, purpose, and goal to express Citroen’s new design icon with color materials. And, of course, the high quality feel, but the design icon expressed in this car will become an icon for a new generation and spread to other cars. In addition, the interior has five distinctive icons.
First, there are two on the seat. One is a double chevron stitch that looks like a single stroke. Underneath that is an accent cloth, and when you touch it, you can feel the unevenness of a Japanese Inden. These also have the effect of appealing the horizontal tone design that Citroën is promoting in its interior design. In addition, the seat is equipped with an air conditioning function and has perforations, so-called air holes. Using it well, the double chevron is expressed.

And the double chevron is also drawn on the dashboard texture. The last is the double chevron that is expressed in the wood grain panels such as the doors. In fact, these are the theme of soft wood, and the idea of ​​the concept car “CXPERIENCE” announced in 2016 was expressed in a mass-produced car. Of the three items mentioned above, the embossing, perforation, and wood grain have the same pattern, but differ only in scale. Therefore, there is also a sense of playfulness that can be superimposed by aligning the scale of the data.

Amazing ride comfort that seems to be a flagship model
Start the engine while admiring the nice interior, and select D with the switch on the center console (by the way, there are also double chevrons here). Grabbing the leather steering wheel that feels very comfortable in your hand and slowly stepping on the accelerator, the C5 X starts running with a comfortable ride.

First of all, the moment I crossed the step to get out of the parking lot onto the general road, I immediately felt the comfort of the C5 X. That’s because the suspension expands and contracts smoothly, and I could see how it absorbs the shock. From there, when you step on the accelerator, you will see just the right amount of torque and power, and the C5 X will show you the acceleration you want.
The installed 1.6-liter turbo engine has a maximum output of 180ps and a maximum torque of 250Nm, which are sufficient values, so you will not feel lack of power in various situations. French cars tend to have the smallest possible engine and the largest body, and this C5 X is the same, with a displacement of 1.6 liters suggesting it. If it is a recent D segment, it is about 1.8 to 2 liters. Therefore, it can be said that the turbo compensates for that part. Then, is it a characteristic of an engine with a thin line like a downsizing turbo? Torque is generated firmly from below, and shifts up and down accordingly, so you won’t have to worry about it being a turbo or having a small displacement.
And the remarkable ride comfort can be said to be the true value of the C5 X. The installed “PHC (Progressive Hydraulic Cushion)” is equipped with another damper within the damper, and another damper with a built-in shock that could not be absorbed by the conventional damper. is accepted.

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