Choose “tape glue” based on its adhesive strength !? Actually, “cap” and “cospa” are important.

When purchasing a new tape glue, I think that the “strength of adhesiveness” is probably what most people care about.

Since we choose glue, it is correct to think that the strength of the adhesive strength = the basic performance.
However, to be honest, there is no adhesive product that is not practical enough for tape glue that is generally available in stores today. Basically, all of them can be stuck properly and cannot be peeled off (except for those with different uses such as the “stick and peel” type with weakened adhesive strength).

If so, what should be the point of selecting tape glue? For example, when considering usability, a product with a “ingenuity in the cap” is easier to use than I expected.

The latest dot liner that opens quickly with a thumb flick
Tape glue is a structure in which the adhesive (tape) and the head protrude from the main body and are exposed. In other words, it is difficult to carry without a cap that covers the area around the head. If you put it in the pen case with it exposed, dust and dirt will adhere to the adhesive and it will not be usable, and the head may be damaged. If the cap is tightly sealed, the tape and head will be protected more reliably, but there is also the disadvantage that it will be difficult to open and close and it will be troublesome.

Until now, tape glue had a difficult time balancing that area.
KOKUYO’s “Dot Liner Flick” released in June 2022 is the latest item in the standard “Dot Liner” series of tape glue. The biggest feature is the flick cap with a new mechanism that has both airtightness and ease of opening.

Speaking of flick input on a smartphone, it is the action of quickly flipping the screen with your thumb. As the name suggests, this flick cap also has a mechanism that can be opened with one thumb.

To open it, just push the base of the cap with your thumb and then slightly slide it sideways (either left or right is OK). Then, the force of the spring causes the cap to break sideways, exposing the head.

It can be opened with one action in a moment, but it is also important that it is difficult to open unintentionally because the direction of applying force is complicated. There should be no trouble that the cap comes off in the pen case and the tape is covered with dust.
“Dot liner flick” is also a refillable type with good cost performance.

The body is the smallest class in the industry as a refillable body and is extremely compact. Storage in a pen case seems to be no problem if it is this size.
For the tape itself, the tape length has been increased to 12 m by making the adhesive and base material (film tape) thinner than conventional products. With this body size, a tape length of 8 to 11 m is common, so this can be said to be a fairly large capacity. Of course, even though it is a refillable type with excellent cost performance, it can be fully attached with a large capacity tape. This is a great deal!

The ease of use with the flick cap and the large capacity with the thin tape are quite useful factors in actually operating the tape glue. I think that you will definitely be happy if you care about “whether you can open it comfortably” and “good cost performance” rather than “adhesiveness” that does not make much difference in products. perhaps.

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