China’s “BYD” will release EV in Japan in 2023! The height of the level that was surprised by the test drive

BYD Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of Chinese automaker BYD, announced that it will enter the Japanese passenger car market through its subsidiary BYD Auto Japan.
From January 2023, three full EVs will be released in sequence. And this time, I would like to report on the opportunity to test drive a crossover SUV type EV called “ATTO3”, which is one of the vehicles scheduled to be introduced, in a short time.

BYD, which is already expanding its business in Japan
BYD is an automobile manufacturer that was founded in Shenzhen, China in 1995 and is expanding its business globally in the four areas of automobiles, IT electronics, new energy, and urban mobility. Since it was founded as a battery manufacturer, it develops and manufactures core technologies for electric vehicles such as motors and controllers. In the automobile business, NEVs (EVs, PHEVs, FCVs) are deployed in more than 70 countries and regions and more than 400 cities around the world, and about 600,000 NEVs will be sold in 2021. By the way, it has been the number one NEV sales unit in China for 9 consecutive years. Furthermore, from January to June 2022, about 640,000 units were sold, more than tripled from the same period of the previous year, making it the number one manufacturer in the world for NEV sales.
BYD will enter the Japanese passenger car market in 2023. In fact, BYD has already developed businesses centered on EV buses and EV forklifts in Japan, and is promoting the electrification of mobility in the commercial domain, with the share of EV buses in Japan reaching about 70%. There is.

On the other hand, the Japanese government has set a goal of achieving 100% electric vehicles in new car sales in Japan by 2035, and although electrification is an urgent task, EV sales in Japan in 2021 will be about 1 Stays in%. According to a survey conducted by BWD Japan, in Japan, “high vehicle prices”, “insufficient charging equipment”, “anxiety about cruising range”, “small lineup”, etc. are the purchases of electric vehicles. It is said that it is a hurdle to. Therefore, BYD, which has globally developed high safety and cruising performance and has developed EVs of various body types at affordable prices, has set “e-mobility for everyone” as a brand purpose in Japan as well. In order to realize a carbon-neutral society in 2050, BYD’s EV has decided to enter the Japanese passenger car market so that it will be one of the options for Japanese users.
BYD’s EV has two major features. One is the “blade battery”. This is the latest lithium-ion iron phosphate battery announced by BYD in 2021 and is said to be extremely safe. Furthermore, the blade battery uses the battery cell itself as one component of the battery pack, improving the space utilization rate by 50% compared to the conventional model. As a result, it has succeeded in significantly increasing the energy density and improving the cruising range while ensuring safety. By the way, BYD’s battery warranty is 8 years, 150,000 km.

The other is a newly developed EV-only platform called “e-Platform 3.0”. By adopting an 8in1 power system assembly that integrates a blade battery and eight modules, it is said that safety, design space, efficiency, and intelligence are improved. Specifically, by adopting a blade battery, high safety of the vehicle is ensured. Furthermore, by integrating multiple modules, a large interior space and a stylish design are realized with a low center of gravity and a flat floor surface. In addition, the 8in1 power system assembly and heat pump system, which includes a battery management system that keeps the battery temperature constant in both tropical and cold regions, enable efficient energy output. In terms of intelligence, the close integration of vehicle driving, braking and steering information leads to advanced control and support in driving.

First of all, we introduced three types of EVs
As mentioned at the beginning, three full EVs will be introduced in Japan this time. Both use a blade battery and e-Platform 3.0, and the first one is the ATTO3, a middle-sized SUV that will be introduced in January 2023. Next is the compact hatchback “DOLPHIN” and the sedan “SEAL”.
The ATTO3 is a global model that has been sold outside of China, such as Singapore and Australia, since it began selling in China in February 2022. By adopting e-Platform3.0, an EV-only platform equipped with a blade battery, a 485km cruising range (WLTC value measured in-house) is achieved with high safety. In addition, the flat floor ensures a large interior space and a luggage compartment capacity of 440L.
The car name ATTO is said to be named after the second, at second, which is the shortest time scale that can be measured in physics. “As the name implies, the car has a youthful and dynamic design that resembles an agile athlete. The wheelbase is 2,720 mm, which ensures a large interior space and a minimum turning radius. The wheelbase is 5.35m, so you can enjoy agile driving in a relaxed atmosphere even in everyday driving scenes, “explains BYD Auto Japan CEO Atsuki Tofukuji.
In addition, the interior is “finished in a fashionable styling with the motif of a fitness gym. When you sit on the rear seat, the floor is completely flat and your feet are very spacious, and at the same time the roof is a panoramic roof with a glass top. Because it is, you will be able to enjoy a spacious feeling of liberation. ”
The power performance of ATTO3 is 150kW maximum output and 310Nm maximum torque. In addition, 0-100km / h acceleration is 7.3 seconds, “it has a very strong acceleration power for this class.” Five body colors are available, all of which are designed with the image of outdoor sports.

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