Birth of docomo’s smartphone complete loan “d smartphone loan”! Features preferential interest rates of up to 3% and cooperation with “d payment”

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This time, we will focus on the topic of “d Smart Loan,” a smartphone-based personal loan service launched by NTT DoCoMo.
◆News 1◆
What is a smartphone-contained personal loan started by DoCoMo?
When it comes to loan services for consumers, card loans used to be the mainstream, but recently there are more and more smartphone-based loan services. Under such circumstances, NTT Docomo (hereinafter referred to as Docomo) has started offering a smartphone-completed loan “d smartphone loan” for individuals.
DoCoMo offers a variety of financial services, such as the credit card “d card” and smartphone payment “d payment”.

Applications, contracts, loans, and repayments can be made through a dedicated app or website, and all work can be completed with just a smartphone. From August 2022, you can apply for a “d smartphone loan” from “borrow money” on the “d payment” home screen (see image below).

Borrowing can be selected from either “transfer to a bank account specified by the user” or “charge to the balance of d payment”. In addition, in order to use “d smartphone loan”, “d account” which is an ID when using docomo service is required (registering is possible even if you do not have a docomo line contract).
Preferential interest rates for borrowing when used with DoCoMo’s target services
The base interest rate for “d Smartphone Loan” is “annual rate of 3.9% to 17.9%” (varies depending on user attributes, credit information, etc.). However, depending on the usage status of services provided by DOCOMO, the interest rate will be preferentially “0.9% to 17.9%”.

For example, for Docomo line subscribers (including ahamo), the interest rate is “-1%”. In other words, if a person with an “annual rate of 3.9%” in a normal examination subscribes to a DoCoMo line, the “annual rate of 2.9%” will be applied.

Similarly, if you have a contract for the credit card “d card” (no annual fee), “-0.5%”. “-1.5%” if you have a contract for the higher version of d card “d card GOLD” (annual fee 11,000 yen). If you link the smart household account book service “Smarbo” and “d Smartphone Loan” provided by DOCOMO in partnership with “Money Forward”, it will be “-0.5%”. Only one credit card can be used, but multiple other preferential treatment can be applied, so theoretically “preferential interest rate of up to 3% per annum” is possible.
Preferential interest rates are determined based on user information at the end of each month and are applied from the 1st day of the following month. Whether or not the preferential treatment is applied is reviewed every month, and if the preferential cancellation conditions set by the company, such as delinquency, are met, the interest after the cancellation will be calculated from the next day’s interest calculation.
Loans for individuals provided by smartphone payment services are spreading
Recently, there has been an active movement among companies involved in smartphone payment services to introduce personal loan services. All of them are easy to complete a series of procedures with just a smartphone, and they also have common features such as receiving the borrowed money in the balance of each payment application. Docomo’s “d smartphone loan” also has similar features.
As you can see in the table above, each service has similar interest rate terms. Although the base interest rate of Docomo’s “d Smartphone Loan” is similar to other companies’ services (the minimum interest rate is set slightly higher), the interest rate after the application of the preferential treatment may be advantageous. Users using the corresponding DoCoMo services may have no loss to remember.
◆News 2◆
Start of credit card accumulation to earn WAON POINT
The credit card accumulation service is gaining popularity as it allows you to accumulate investment trusts using your credit card and earn credit card points. Currently, various companies are entering the market, but from July 2022, AEON Card has started a new credit accumulation service “WealthNavi for AEON CARD”.
AEON Credit Service, which handles AEON cards, will announce a business alliance with WealthNavi, which handles asset management services using robo-advisors, in December 2021, and will jointly develop asset management services for AEON card users. I was. “WealthNavi for AEON CARD” that appeared this time is based on this business alliance.

With “WealthNavi for AEON CARD”, you can pay for the accumulated investment with an AEON card. The accumulated amount can be set between 10,000 yen and 50,000 yen per month, and “WAON POINT” is accumulated according to the monthly accumulated amount (1 point for every 200 yen). For example, if you save 30,000 yen every month, you will earn 1,800 points in a year.
Japan’s first credit card accumulation service for discretionary investment services
One of the features of “WealthNavi for AEON CARD” is that asset management is performed automatically. With other credit card accumulation services, you need to select the stocks to accumulate yourself, but with “WealthNavi for AEON CARD”, the selection and rebalancing of financial products are automatically performed, and there are 12,000 stocks in about 50 countries around the world. The investment will be spread across According to Wealthnavi, this is the first time in Japan that a credit card accumulation function has been provided in a discretionary investment service.

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