Battery drive for more than 4 hours! GoPro Complementary Plan Last Piece “Volta”

GoPro is synonymous with action cams, but its only weakness is battery life. Due to its small body, the battery has a small capacity, and it is no longer a matter of course to have a spare battery when shooting for a long time on the go.

“Volta”, which can be said to be the strongest accessory of GoPro, has appeared. With a grip with a built-in battery, it is possible to extend the battery life of the GoPro “HERO 10 Black” from the nominal value of 48 minutes to a whopping 4 hours or more (when shooting at 5.3K / 30fps).

In addition to being equipped with a physical button that allows you to operate the camera body with one hand, it is a versatile grip that can also be used as a tripod when deployed. This time, the “HERO10 Black Creator Edition” that comes with this “Volta” was released, so we also reviewed the “Media Modular” external microphone and the “Light Modular” LED light included in this set. .. Please see the video for details.
“Volta” is GoPro’s strongest accessory!
“Volta” is a grip with a built-in 4900mAh battery, and when combined with the battery of the GoPro main unit, it is possible to shoot for 4 hours or more at 5.3K / 30fps. In other words, with this one, you don’t have to bring multiple spare batteries to the shooting destination. Also, it’s goodbye to the troublesome trouble of replacing the battery.
This “Volta” is also sold separately, and the actual selling price on the official website is 16,500 yen (tax included). In addition to “HERO 10 Black”, it is compatible with “HERO 9 Black”. In addition to this, “HERO10 Black Creator Edition”, which is a set of “HERO10 Black”, “Volta”, “Media Modular”, “Light Modular” and “32GB SD Card”, is 103,260 yen (tax included). Sign up for a one-year GoPro subscription for JPY 75,270 (tax included).

“Media Modular” is a modular equipped with a directional microphone that prioritizes recording of front and rear sounds, and also has a function to reduce wind noise. “Light Modular” is a modular equipped with a light that can adjust the brightness in 4 steps. A diffuser is also included.
Please check the above video for detailed usability and functionality!

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