[August 2022 edition] Professionals explain the popularity ranking of kakaku.com credit cards and the reasons for their popularity!

In order to answer such questions, we will analyze and introduce in detail the reasons for the popularity of the top credit cards in the August 2022 ranking (updated on August 1, 2022), and also explain recommended usage.
(Prices in this article are basically tax included)
What is the August 2022 credit card popularity ranking?
Kakaku.com Credit Card Popularity Ranking attracts attention from users. The ranking of general cards and gold cards in the August 2022 version was as follows. ( This article was created based on the rankings updated on August 1, 2022, and may differ from the current rankings on the HP. )
In the August 2022 general card ranking, there were some changes in the ranking from the July edition. “Sumitomo Mitsui Card Numberless (NL),” which offers a 5% return at convenience stores and McDonald’s, has maintained the top position for 16 consecutive months. The AEON Card (with WAON) , which is attractive for its benefits at AEON, rose to second place. JCB’s leading high-return card “JCB CARD W” ranked 3rd, and “Epos Card” , which has strengths in leisure-related benefits in addition to Marui, ranked 4th. “d card” , which has great merit when used in combination with d payment, came in 5th place.

There was also a change in the gold card ranking. “Sumitomo Mitsui Card Gold (NL)” , which offers two attractive benefits when spending more than 1 million yen per year, has been ranked first for 12 consecutive months. “JCB Gold” , which is popular as a well-balanced gold card, moved up one place to second place. In 3rd place was the Diners Club Card , which has special benefits for gourmet and travel, and in 4th place was the Sumitomo Mitsui Card Business Owners Gold , a business card for sole proprietors . “d CARD GOLD,” which has great benefits for Docomo users, fell one place to 5th place.

Let’s take a look at the reasons for popularity, specs, and clever ways to use the top-ranked credit cards for general cards and gold cards.

General card popularity ranking top card
[1st place] Sumitomo Mitsui Card Numberless (NL)
“Sumitomo Mitsui Card (NL)” has maintained the top position for 16 months, and is leading the way. It is a card with no annual fee and a 5% return at three major convenience stores and McDonald’s.

In addition to 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson, and McDonald’s, 5% reduction
Normally, 1P (equivalent to 1 yen) “V point” is accumulated for 200 yen, and 0.5% reduction. In addition to 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson, and McDonald’s, the points will be increased to 2.5% (5 points for 200 yen), which is 5 times the points. Depending on the international brand, this card is equipped with a “Visa touch payment” or “Mastercard contactless” function. % reduction rate will be added and the total will be 5% reduction.

If you register a family within the second degree, you can get up to 5% extra when using convenience stores and McDonald’s
In addition, we also offer a service called “family points”. With this privilege, if you register a family member within the second degree of kinship who holds an eligible Sumitomo Mitsui Card, you will receive “+1%” points when using major convenience stores and McDonald’s. Since the upper limit of points added with family points is “+5%”, if you make full use of this, it will be a maximum of 10% reduction.

The “V points” that are granted can be used for card payments, or if you download the “V point app” separately, you can use it at iD / Visa touch payment member stores and online shopping (Visa member stores), so you can use it without waste. can do.

It can be issued in as little as 5 minutes, and it is also excellent in terms of convenience that can be used immediately for shopping.In as little as 5 minutes after application, a digital card is issued on the official app, and it can be used not only for online shopping but also for smartphone payments at real stores. Also available. In addition, the real card sent at a later date will be a “numberless card” with no card number, expiration date, or security code written on the face of the card, considering security. However, the basic return rate is at the same level as 0.5%. You may want to consider using this card as a convenience store (and McDonald’s) exclusive card and keeping a separate card with a basic return rate of 1% or more.
[2nd place] AEON card (WAON integrated type)
“AEON Card (WAON integrated type)” rose to second place. Among the 40 or more AEON cards, this is the standard card and comes with the function of electronic money “WAON”. At the target stores of the AEON Group, the basic 1% return (200 yen gives 2P) will be doubled, and on the 20th and 30th of each month, the shopping price at AEON will be 5% OFF. And so on, the benefits will be great for AEON users. Annual membership fee is also free.

Immediate issuance is possible in
as little as 5 minutes If you apply online, you can have your card issued in as little as 5 minutes, and you can check the card number and other information on the official app, so you can use it for online shopping or smartphone payments without waiting for the card to arrive. In addition, “AEON Card Select” is also a popular ticket type among AEON cards, but it requires an AEON Bank account, so if you do not want to be bound by it, you can choose “AEON Card (WAON integrated type)”. ‘ would be a good candidate.

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