Audio Technica’s flagship completely wireless earphone “ATH-TWX9” is finally here!

On August 25, 2022, Audio Technica announced the flagship model “ATH-TWX9” of the company’s completely wireless earphones. It is an ambitious product with high sound quality and multiple functions that condenses the acoustic technology that the company has cultivated over many years. Let’s take a look at its main features.
Adopting a newly designed 5.8 mm diameter high-resolution dynamic driver to achieve high sound quality
Audio-Technica has released a number of completely wireless earphones so far, but the “ATH-TWX9” announced this time is a high-end model positioned as a flagship in the company’s lineup. It is finished in a product with power in all directions including sound quality.

In terms of sound quality, the topic is the adoption of a newly designed high-resolution dynamic driver with a diameter of 5.8 mm. A “three-layer multi-layer diaphragm” that realizes a sharp low range and a relaxed high range by superimposing hard and soft materials in three layers, an “outer magnet type magnetic circuit” that enhances the output of the driver, stainless steel Equipped with plenty of unique technology such as the “edge mount method” that expands the driving area of ​​the diaphragm by fixing the diaphragm with a thin plate made by. We paid particular attention to details, such as a structure in which an ultra-compact voice coil is floated from the diaphragm and a fine acoustic mesh made by Sefar in Switzerland, to achieve a sound full of volume that exceeds the size of a driver with a diameter of 5.8 mm. It is said that
Bluetooth conforms to Ver.5.2 and supports multi-pairing that allows multiple devices to be registered. In addition to SBC, AAC, and aptX, the codec also supports aptX Adaptive, which can transmit information equivalent to high resolution up to 96kHz/24bit. It is also a compatible model of Qualcomm’s “Snapdragon Sound” and a certified headphone of Sony’s spatial audio technology “360 Reality Audio”.

Noise canceling function that can customize characteristics for each user and high-quality call quality
“ATH-TWX9” also has a high-performance noise canceling function. Adopts hybrid digital noise canceling technology with two small MEMS microphones equipped on each of the left and right earphones. The dedicated “high-precision noise canceling processor” and proprietary noise filter design provide excellent noise cancellation.
It also has unique functions, such as a “personalized noise canceling system” that measures the characteristics of the sound when wearing earphones and applies a noise canceling filter that is suitable for each person’s ears, and measures the noise level of the surrounding environment. Equipped with an “Optimize Noise Canceling System” that automatically applies the optimal noise canceling characteristics. There are also 5 types of “preset noise canceling modes” (Airplane, On The Go, Office/Study, Home, Train) that allow users to select the optimum mode according to the environment.

It is also convenient to have a “hear-through function” that allows you to listen to music while capturing ambient sounds with a microphone. The external sound capture level can be adjusted in 5 steps with the dedicated app “Connect”. It also has an occlusion canceling function that suppresses the muffled voice that you emit with the noise canceling function. Also equipped with a “quick hear-through function” that can lower the volume during playback with one action. This function can be selected from two modes on the dedicated app “Connect”: “Natural”, which focuses on the human voice band, and “Strong”, which captures external sounds in all bands and makes it easy to grasp the surrounding situation. Possible. You can choose the volume of music playback from “low volume” and “mute”.

For call-related functions, it is equipped with “beamforming microphone technology” that uses a small MEMS microphone, making it possible to deliver a clear voice to the other party even in environments with a lot of ambient noise. It also has a “side tone function” that makes it easier to speak by returning your voice to the earphones. Just like during music playback, it is possible to switch between noise canceling function / hear-through function / function off (ambience control) during a call.
Also pay attention to the charging case equipped with a deep ultraviolet sterilization system and the fulfilling attached earpieces.
Like a flagship model, “ATH-TWX9” has a full range of accessories.

The charging case adopts a design that focuses on usability, and the topic is that it is equipped with a deep ultraviolet sterilization system. When the earphones are stored in the charging case, they are irradiated with deep UV LEDs to eliminate bacteria and viruses adhering to the surface of the earpiece. In addition, although it has been confirmed to be effective in eradicating E. coli, bacteriophage viruses, and Staphylococcus aureus, it is not effective against all bacteria and viruses. It is said that the effect on the new coronavirus has not been verified.

The earpiece is a newly developed “comfort fit earpiece” that uses a hybrid structure made of two types of silicone materials with different hardness. What I want to pay attention to is that it comes with a total of 12 types of earpieces in 4 patterns of 3 patterns with different conduit lengths x 4 sizes. It is possible to choose the one that fits according to the depth that fits in the ear and the size in the radial direction.
Conclusion It seems that it will attract attention as a high-quality earphone that seems to be Audio-Technica
As mentioned above, I introduced the main features of “ATH-TWX9” in a hurry, but it is a high-end completely wireless earphone that is packed with Audio-Technica’s acoustic technology in every respect, such as sound quality, noise canceling function, and call quality. Was it transmitted? lowest price as of August 25, 2022 is 33,000 yen (tax included). Completely wireless earphones in this price range are competing with each other, but among them, “ATH-TWX9” is likely to attract attention from discerning earphone fans as a high-quality model that seems to be Audio-Technica.

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