At home or on the go! How to watch TV shows on your smartphone or tablet

It is convenient to be able to watch the TV programs you always watch while traveling or moving around. This time, I will introduce how to watch TV programs anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

How to watch TV programs?
Broadly speaking, there are three ways to watch TV programs on your smartphone or tablet.

The first is the use of network recorders that allow you to watch TV programs from your smartphone or tablet. We think that convenience is the best with many functions. Below, we will introduce how to use “nasne” made by Buffalo.

The second method is to attach a one-segment/full-segment tuner to your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy, but depending on the radio wave conditions, it may be difficult to watch. Also, there are fewer tuner options these days.

The third is the use of viewing apps provided by TV stations. This is available free of charge. In addition to watching missed programs, a function that allows you to watch programs in real time is also provided.

These three viewing methods are described below.

1. Use Buffalo “nasne”
nasne is a network recorder and media storage that is equipped with terrestrial digital and BS/110 degree CS digital tuners, and allows real-time viewing and recording viewing of TV programs.

With a built-in 2TB hard disk, it can also be used as a file server, music, photo, and video media server.

Buffalo inherited nasne, which was sold by Sony Interactive Entertainment until 2019, and resumed sales in 2021.

Supported hardware is iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, media remote control (PlayStation 5 only).

Although details will be described later, it is necessary to purchase a separate optional function to watch TV or export recorded programs.
Prepare the nasne
To use nasne, use the supplied TV cable and LAN cable to connect to your TV and wireless LAN router.

The TV cable from the wall ends up connecting to the TV via nasne.

However, nasne’s antenna input and antenna output terminals are a mixture of terrestrial digital and BS/110 degree CS, so there is only one cable. If you have separate terrestrial digital and BS/110 degree CS input terminals on the TV side and want to watch BS/110 degree CS broadcasts, you will need a separate branching filter.

It is very easy to connect according to the manual or online manual. I finished the connection in less than 5 minutes.
●Initialize nasne
Once you’re ready, the next step is to make the initial settings for nasne and pair it with your TV viewing device.

In the following, the steps are explained using an iPhone.

The dedicated app “torne mobile” is used for settings, viewing, recording reservations, etc., so download it from the App Store for iPhone/iPad and Google Play for Android smartphones/tablets.

After downloading, launch the app and follow the instructions to make the initial settings.

On the way, you will be asked to use the “transfer password”. This is used when using a different terminal such as when changing models, and is used when transferring purchased paid content (described later).
● Pair nasne with the device
Next, perform pairing to associate nasne with the device used for viewing. You can also set the channels that can be viewed here.

If there is no problem with the connection between the devices made in preparation, nasne on the same network will be detected automatically, so tap it. A name can be given to nasne, and it is also possible to change the default “nasne”.

Next, select the residential area again to search for receivable channels. Scanning will begin and a list of terrestrial digital broadcasting channels that can be viewed in your area will be displayed.

Similarly, after scanning the receivable channels for BS digital broadcasting and 110-degree CS digital broadcasting, all settings are complete.

● Watch TV programs
Since it is necessary to purchase the “viewing and playback function” for real-time viewing of TV and playback of recorded programs, purchase only once for the first time. If you don’t want to buy it, you can try it for 1 minute.

When you tap “TV” on the “torne mobile” home screen, you will be prompted to purchase the “viewing and playback function”, so follow the instructions to move to the store.

In the case of iPhone/iPad, “viewing and playback function” is 610 yen (including tax, the same below).

Also, the “export function” to write recorded programs to the terminal is 860 yen. In addition, you can purchase the redesign function of the app.
The right to use this paid content is tied to the terminal, so when viewing or exporting using another terminal, you must also purchase it on that terminal as well.

In the case of Android smartphones, the “playback function” is 500 yen, and the “export function” is 840 yen (all prices include tax).
Once you have purchased the “view and play function”, you will be able to watch TV. Just tap “TV” on the home screen and it will start playing immediately.

If you turn your smartphone sideways, it will be played in full screen, and if you tap the playback screen, the program guide will be displayed at the bottom. From here you can switch channels.

This viewing method is the same for both at home and mobile communication using a smartphone on the go. However, if you are away from home, a confirmation screen asking whether to use mobile communication will be displayed. The confirmation screen can also be hidden in the settings.

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