ASUS EVA PC is too stupid. It was so good collaboration that I shouldn’t know

There are many products that have collaborated with anime and games, but the collaboration products that convey the love for the original can be said to be a very high quality collaboration, as fans can sympathize with it. Is it not? The more I feel, “How much do you stick to it!” Collaboration has such a charm.

The gaming PC-related products of “REPUBLIC OF GAMERS (ROG) x Evangelion” announced by ASUS JAPAN are collaborations that have been exciting for a long time, saying “This is a good collaboration!”. If you are an Eva fan, you will definitely want it, so it may be better not to look beyond here.

The writer, who is close to the believers, was excited, “This, this, this, this is !!!”, but the face of the family crossed his head and said, “How can I buy it? No, I believe in a miracle. I pondered, “Would you like to negotiate with me?”, And in the end, I was so excited that I thought “I shouldn’t have known about this.”
Eva PC for all children
What was announced this time is a gaming-related product that Evangelion collaborated with “ROG”, which is the highest among the gaming brands developed by ASUS. With a motherboard, video card, CPU cooler, power supply, PC case, monitor, headset, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, SSD enclosure, everything from inside to outside of the gaming PC can be unified with Evangelion. increase.
In such a gaming environment, if you sit on a chair, hold the keyboard and mouse, and close your eyes, you will be able to think of that famous scene.

The third cooling is completed. Flywheel rotation stop. Disconnect.
There is no problem with the auxiliary voltage. Stop signal. End of plug ejection.
roger that. Insert entry plug. Release the spinal cord motor system.
Ready to connect. Exploration needle driving completed.
The plug depth is maintained at 20 (double). The measured value of mental pollution is within the standard range.
Maintain from plus 02 to minus 05. Finished fixing the interior.
roger that. Primary contact. Entry plug water injection.
What is this? Wow ah.
All right. If the lungs are filled with LCL, it will take oxygen directly into the blood.
I’ll get used to it soon.
Main power connection completed. roger that. Enter the second contact. Connect the interface.
Wow (Eva’s eyes are lit)
A10 No abnormal nerve connection. LCL electrification is normal.
The way of thinking is fixed based on Japanese as a basic principle.
All initial contacts are normal. Communication line opens.
All clear up to List 1405 (Hitoyon Marugo). Synapse measurement Sync rate 41.3%.
It’s amazing without the assistance of a plug suit.
Harmonics All normal values ​​No runaway.
I can go.
Ready to start!
Preparation for starting
Remove the 1st lock bolt!
Confirmation of
release. Start moving the umbilical bridge
Remove the 2nd lock bolt!
First restraint removal. Also remove the second restraint.
. Cancellation confirmation.
Currently, the status of the first machine is free. Internal power supply charging completed.
External power connection No abnormality. roger that. To the Eva Unit 1 injection port.
There is no problem with the track displacement of each linear rail. The electromagnetic induction system works normally.
Currently, the first machine is moving K52. The ejection sequence is in progress as planned.
Arrived at Eva Injection Hub Terminal.
Gashan Kasha Kasha Kasha Kasha Kasha Pip
Career Clear All Green. Ready to start.
don’t mind , of
course, as long as we do n’t
defeat the apostle, we have no future
. Tettettettettettetete _

The starting sequence will flow in your head, and the excitement for the game will reach its climax.

It has become a little runaway, but I will regain my composure and introduce each collaboration product from the following. Looking at each one, it’s not just that the logo was designed, but “Eva” is studded in every detail.
A number of “ROG x Evangelion” collaboration products that make you want to have all of them, not just one. Since it is based on the “ROG” product, which is the highest grade among ASUS gaming brands, the high specs are endorsed. However, as listed below, the price is also quite good. However! If you are an Eva fan who has plenty of money in your wallet, please check it out. Isn’t it a good collaboration that makes you feel like that?

Price (Release date)
Motherboard “ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO EVA Edition”: 103,800 yen (July 15)
Video card “ROG STRIX GeForce 3080 EVA Edition”: 214,280 yen (July 15)
CPU cooler “ROG Ryujin II 360 EVA” Edition AIO Cooler “: 58,800 yen (July 15)
Power supply” ROG THOR 1000W Platinum II EVA Edition “: 60,980 yen (July 15)
PC case” ROG Strix Helios EVA Edition “: 67,380 yen (July 15)
Gaming display “ROG Strix XG27AQM EVA Edition”: undecided (undecided)
Gaming headset “ROG Delta S EVA Edition”: 33,980 yen (July 15)
Gaming keyboard “ROG STRIX SCOPE RX EVA Edition”: 20,980 yen (July 15 ) Sun)
Gaming Mouse “ROG KERIS Wireless EVA Edition”: 12,980 yen (July 15)
Gaming Mouse Pad “ROG Scabbard II EVA Edition”: 7,980 yen (July 15)
SSD Enclosure “ROG Strix Arion EVA Edition”: 10,780 Yen (July 15)

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