Arranged song of the game “Kirby’s Dream Land” won the Grammy Award

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Arranged song of the game “Kirby’s Dream Land” won the Grammy Award
The song that arranged the BGM “Meta Knight’s Counterattack” of the Super Nintendo software “Kirby Super Deluxe” won the “Best Arrangement (Inst and A Cappella)” category at the 64th Grammy Awards.
“Meta Knight’s Counterattack” is the BGM recorded in the game mode “Meta Knight’s Counterattack” of “Kirby Super Deluxe”. This is a song by Jun Ishikawa, which contains different BGM on the deck of the stage “Battleship Halbird” and on the ship, but the arrangement of the two songs is a standard.

This time, the 64th Grammy Award for “Best Arrangement (Instrument and A Cappella)” was arranged by chiptune artist Jake Silbermann and performed by The 8-Bit Big Band. This is an arrangement song titled “Meta Knight’s Revenge”. While “Meta Knight’s Counterattack” is arranged in a jazz style, it retains the goodness of the original song. The song can be viewed from the following YouTube videos.

The 8-Bit Big Band is active as a band that plays arrangements of masterpieces of various games. Many arrangements other than “Meta Knight’s Counterattack” are available on their YouTube channel.

Source: 64th Grammy Awards

Apple distributes “iOS / iPad OS 15.4.1”. Fixed a battery drain bug
Apple began distributing iOS 15.4.1 and iPadOS 15.4.1 on April 1, 2022. Bug fixes are the main minor updates, but among them, the problem that the battery is consumed faster than expected, which was pointed out by users one after another in “iOS 15.4” and “iPad OS 15.4” distributed about two weeks ago. The corresponding points are major corrections.
Some iPhone users have pointed out that the battery drains faster after installing iOS 15.4, but Apple replies, “Wait 48 hours after the update and the problem will go away.” I was staying at.

However, with this update, Apple officially responded, and the battery consumption problem has been solved. Other security-related fixes include zero-day vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities found in drivers for Intel’s built-in GPU “Intel Graphics.” Users should apply early updates.

Source: Apple

ESA (Entertainment Software Association), the organizer of the world’s largest game show “E3”, has announced through partner media that the 2022 event will not be held both online and offline.

Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, E3 was canceled in 2020 and held online only in 2021, but it was also canceled offline and online in 2022. .. As of 2021, ESA said it would revive the online holding of E3, but in 2022 it will not be held.

However, according to the game media Polygon, it is scheduled to be held offline in 2023, and we will focus on that. Nowadays, PlayStation’s SIE has forgotten to attend the event, but even so, Nintendo, Microsoft, Square Enix, Capcom, UbiSoft and other such manufacturers will attend and announce large-scale new titles and services. doing. 2022 may be a little lonely year for game users, although these makers may have their own announcement events.

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