Anything can be made into rice crackers! Sandwiching ingredients with “Snacky” makes it delicious

Remake leftovers into rice crackers!?
When you’re cooking for yourself, you often end up with leftover rice, side dishes, and ingredients for Bimyo.
“Toaster scissors grilled snacky” consists of a hot iron plate that pops open like a hot sandwich maker and a cork mat.

In short, it is a product that lets you make rice crackers (?) by sandwiching various ingredients between iron plates and grilling them.

Let’s do it now. Put the leftover rice on the Bimyo and put it on top of the iron plate.
Depending on what you put in, you need a lot of power. It’s for a firm press.

After that, put it in the oven toaster and bake for about 9 to 12 minutes.

It has a crispy texture and is delicious! It’s not as crisp as rice crackers, but it feels like a thin baked rice ball. If it’s rice, it looks good no matter what you mix it with!

When grilled with scissors, the taste is condensed and delicious!
Let’s scissor-grill more ingredients.

First of all, grilled seafood sashimi that tends to be left over in Bimyo!
Because the flavor is so concentrated, it’s delicious as it is, but it’s also delicious if you sprinkle some salt or soy sauce on it before grilling.

Next, gyoza skin. This is also a difficult ingredient to use up. Let’s bake gyoza skin with cherry shrimp and gyoza skin sandwiched with melting cheese.
Gyoza skin becomes so crispy when grilled with scissors. It looks like it’s going to be a simple and healthy snack by putting various fillings on it.

Both that and this will be delicious!
Well, from now on, regardless of the leftovers, we will “go out of the way” to prepare the ingredients and make them!

The gyoza skin sandwiched with melted cheese was delicious, so next time I will try scissors grilling the bread sandwiched with melted cheese. In short, it’s like a hot sandwich, right? I tried it, but…
It doesn’t look like much, but it’s fragrant and has a rich flavor, so it’s really delicious!

If it’s served with strong liquor like whiskey, it’s the kind of guy who keeps eating it… Calories look great.

Next, I wondered if it would be like a tatami sardine, so I grilled whitebait!
By grilling with scissors, the taste becomes richer, so I wonder if it is too salty. It may be better to blanch it a bit to remove the salt.

Next, let’s try chicken ramen, which seems to be no mistake. Soak it in hot water for a little while, and then grill the scissors!
Of course it’s delicious, but when I think about it calmly, I feel like I’m biting chicken ramen before pouring hot water on it.

What was surprisingly delicious was “Takoyaki”
Let’s try this one last. Takoyaki!
The flavor of the octopus, the aroma of the sauce, the dried bonito flakes, and the texture of the dough all come together to create a delicious crispy octopus cracker!

This is… at the level I would buy if it was sold at a store!

However, since the taste is rather strong, it is recommended to adjust the amount of sauce while baking.

Eat immediately after making
“Toaster scissors grilled snacks” that can be delicious even if you put simple ingredients. It’s a size that you can’t make a lot at once, but it’s an item that can be used more than expected, expanding the range of your eating habits!
However, the rice crackers, especially the rice crackers, are best eaten fresh!

Let it sit overnight….
The point is, it’s like the rice is left out and it’s hardened…

When I use “Snacky”, I get absorbed in “that ingredient and this ingredient” and bake it more and more.

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