Anker announces new technology “GaN Prime” capable of simultaneous quick charging and USB PD 3.1 compatible products at once

Anchor Japan announces the latest charging technology “GaN Prime” of mobile charging brand “Anker”. Six products, which will be the first model equipped with this technology, will be released sequentially from August 29th.

As mobile devices have become more sophisticated and the capacity of batteries has increased, we have decided to use a small, high-output USB charger that can be charged more quickly and efficiently and is not difficult to carry. Needs are increasing year by year.

In order to meet this need, Anchor also focused on the next-generation power semiconductor “GaN” (gallium nitride), which is smaller and can realize high output, and decided to introduce it to USB chargers ahead of other companies. new. Even after announcing the first “GaN” in 2019, we have put our own know-how into power supply ICs and circuit design, and in 2021 we have realized “GaN II” that has realized further miniaturization of the charger while satisfying strict safety standards. Continued research and development of charging technology based on “GaN”, such as introduction. “GaN Prime” is a further sublimation of “GaN II” introduced in 2021 and announced this time as Anker’s highest peak charging technology.

“GaN Prime” newly adopts a control IC and GaN transistor that can be separated and arranged instead of the integrated power supply IC that was used in the past. By concluding partnerships with five leading GaN companies and combining the state-of-the-art power supply ICs of each company, it has become possible to disperse heat sources and efficiently arrange them in three dimensions. In addition, the circuit structure is optimized by effectively utilizing the space created by this three-dimensional arrangement using “PCBA 3D stacking” that was also introduced in “GaN II”. It is said that it has achieved both ultra-high output and miniaturization that can handle 100W or more.
In addition, “GaN Prime” is not only a simple increase in output performance, but also a new version of “Power IQ 4.0”, which is the latest version of the company’s original quick charging technology “Power IQ”, in order to realize even higher charging efficiency. introduction. In addition to newly supporting ultra-high output of 100 W or more, the power supply IC detects the required power every second at the connected USB Type-C port, and the connected device adjusts the power supply according to the required power at that time. With a new feature called “Dynamic Power Distribution,” multiple devices can be quickly charged at the same time. Until now, USB chargers equipped with multiple USB Type-C ports generally had restrictions such as supporting only the XX port for quick charging, but with “GaN Prime”, quick charging can also be done at the same time. It is said to propose common sense.
In addition, in order to pursue further safety with “GaN Prime”, it is a point not to be overlooked that “ActiveShield” that protects connected terminals with temperature control function and output control has been upgraded to “ActiveShield 2.0”. The number of monitoring of temperature rise is doubled to 35 times per second, and when the charger body reaches the specified temperature, the current / voltage load is adjusted to excessive temperature. It is said that it has come to prevent the rise.
In this way, “GaN Prime” has achieved both ultra-high output that supports 100W or more and miniaturization, increased charging efficiency by optimally distributing power to multiple ports, and further pursuit of safety. As the first product, the USB charger “735 Charger (GaN Prime 65W)” with a total maximum output of 65W, the USB charger “737 Charger (GaN Prime 120W)” with a total maximum output of 120W, and the USB charger “747” with a total maximum output of 150W.that can charge a total of 5 devices at the same time will be introduced, and this winter it will be compatible with “GaN Prime”. The company plans to launch a portable power supply “767 Portable Power Station (GaN Prime PowerHouse 2048Wh)”.

In addition, the company has developed a new device that supports the latest power supply standard “USB Power Delivery Revision 3.1” (USB PD 3.1) for USB devices by utilizing the charging technology based on “GaN”. The USB charger “717 Charger (140W)” that supports 140W (28V / 5A) output and the world’s first mobile battery “737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24000)” that supports single-port 140W output will be the largest in total in mid-September. The charger “Anker 749 Charger (GaN Prime 240W)” that supports 240W output and single port maximum output 140W is scheduled to be released this winter. In addition, the lineup includes the USB cable “765 High Durability Nylon USB-C & USB-C Cable 0.9m / 1.8m (140W)” that supports 140W (28V / 5A) output. This will be on sale from July 26, the same as the first model of “GaN Prime”.

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