AMD’s latest CPU “Ryzen 7000” series adopting Zen 4 architecture will be released on September 27

On August 29, 2022 (US loc
“Ryzen 7000” series for desktop PCs that adopted the next-generation CPU architecture “Zen 4” will be released on September 27th.

There are 4 types of SKUs revealed this time. Here are the specs for each SKU: The number of cores is the same as the previous generation “Zen 3”, with a maximum of 16, but the operating clock has been raised to a maximum of 5.7 GHz, and the instruction processing efficiency (IPC) per clock is also the same as the previous generation. It has improved by about 13% compared to “Zen 3”, achieving a total performance improvement of about 29%. Energy efficiency is also significantly improved, with up to 27% more performance per watt.
Comparing the top model “Ryzen 9 7950X” of the “Ryzen 7000” series shown at the event with the top model “Ryzen 9 5950X” of the previous generation, the gaming performance is 6-35%, and the performance for creators is 32- 48% improvement. In the 3D rendering benchmark “V-Ray 5 Benchmark”, it achieves 62% higher performance than rival Intel’s “Core i9 12900K” and 47% higher performance per power consumption.

In addition, as already clarified at the event held at the timing of “CES 2022”, the “Ryzen 7000” series adopts the LGA package, and Socket AM4, which has been used for desktop Ryzen CPUs, has been replaced by Socket The socket has been changed to AM5. With Socket AM5, the power that can be supplied has been raised to 230W, and it supports up to 24 PCIe 5.0 lanes. The memory also supports the latest DDR5, and a unique memory overclocking profile “AMD EXPO Technology” is also introduced. It seems that the memory speed will be up to DDR5-6400, and memory compatible with “AMD EXPO Technology” will be released from ADATA, Corsair, GeIL, G.SKILL, Kingston, etc. in line with the release of the “Ryzen 7000” series. It’s about
There are four types of chipsets that support the Socket AM5 platform: “X670 Extreme”, “X670”, “B650 Extreme” and “B650”. Motherboards equipped with the “X670 Extreme” and “X670” chipsets are scheduled to be released in September, and motherboards equipped with the “B650 Extreme” and “B650” chipsets are scheduled to be released after October.
The reference prices of the “Ryzen 7000” series in the US are 699 US dollars for the “Ryzen 9 7950X”, 549 US dollars for the “Ryzen 9 7900X”, 399 US dollars for the “Ryzen 7 7700X”, and 299 US dollars for the “Ryzen 5 7600X”. The price is almost the same as the previous generation “Ryzen 5000” series, but in Japan, the depreciation of the yen has progressed significantly since the introduction of the “Ryzen 5000” series, so from the start of the “Ryzen 5000” series is expected to be slightly higher.
Since the platform will be renewed this time, the introduction cost is a little worrisome, but as far as the contents shown this time are concerned, the performance seems to be highly expected. Towards the release on September 27th, domestic sales prices and new product information from motherboard manufacturers and memory manufacturers should gradually become clear, so keep an eye on it.

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