Amazing softness! I had my 80-year-old mother eat “steak for the elderly”

Respect for the Aged Day in 2022 is September 19th. I would like to give my girlfriend’s mother some delicious food as a gift, but as she gets older, her teeth and jaws tend to lose strength, making it difficult to eat hard foods. In that case, it is difficult to give steak, which is a representative of “something that is a little hard but delicious”.

I found a steak meat that is perfect for such circumstances and that even elderly people can chew and eat deliciously.

steak made for the elderly
This product was developed to deliver the “joy of eating” and “high-quality protein” to the elderly. It is said that the steak, which is a menu that many elderly people endure due to the decline in their chewing power, has been softened by vacuum cooking. For the cut, use lean sirloin that contains a lot of protein. Before giving it to my mother, I tried it myself to see if it was true that even an elderly person could chew it easily.

Frozen pre-cooked, it’s as easy as boiling in boiling water for 10 minutes. If you like, you can lightly bake both sides after boiling. First of all, I will taste it in the boiled state.
The meat used is Uruguayan red meat sirloin. 80% of the land in Uruguay is grassland, making it the perfect environment for raising beef cattle. It is a grazing cattle raised in the great outdoors, and raised healthy without the use of antibiotics or growth promoters. Uruguayan beef is known for its high-quality lean meat.

Surprised by the overwhelming ease of cutting!
By the way, since it is called “Tender Sirloin Steak”, I thought that I could feel the tenderness from the cutting stage, but it was different from my imagination. When you insert a knife, it feels like cutting while feeling the elasticity, just like a normal steak.
At the time of cutting, I felt that it was not as soft as I thought, but the moment I put it in my mouth, I was surprised! Even though it’s so thick, it feels like it’s “crispy”. Instead of chewing the meat several times before swallowing it, which is common with foreign steaks, you can really chew the meat with a single bite. It’s not squishy and soft, but it’s soft and chewy. It’s a strange analogy, but the texture was like red tuna sashimi.

According to the official website, experimental results show that the “soft sirloin steak” can be bitten off with approximately 1/5 the force of a steak made from the same raw material as this product. The secret is that it is slowly heated by vacuum cooking. By keeping the temperature constant and cooking in a vacuum state, it is possible to retain the flavor and nutrients, and the meat will be tender while still being cooked.
As for the taste, even though I ate wild red meat, the aftertaste was strangely refreshing. The sweetness and juiciness of domestic beef is thin, but it is not the strong taste of American or Tasmanian beef, but a taste somewhere in between. Because there is no fat, the feeling is strong, but you can feel the umami of the meat firmly when you chew it. Would you say it’s not the fat from the fat, but the meat’s original gravy? It fills your mouth. There was no smell at all, and because of its softness, it was easy to swallow.

Salt and pepper are sprinkled from the beginning, and it has a little taste.

Even my 80-year-old mother was able to eat it deliciously!
This time, I asked my 80-year-old mother to eat this product. The teeth are not dentures yet, and they can eat normally, but after all they have not eaten foreign steak meat for several years. For comparison, let’s purchase the same Uruguayan steak separately and have them eat and compare. It seems that her mother was also looking forward to steak after a long time.

First of all, I asked them to eat the thigh meat from the supermarket. First of all, it seemed that it took a little force to cut with a knife because of its elasticity. There is no problem if it is not an elderly person, but it seems a little difficult to cut 100 g. And although it is said that the taste is delicious without any problems, it seems that it can not be swallowed unless it is chewed more than 10 times in the mouth. It took quite a while to finish eating one piece.

Next, I had “soft sirloin steak” eaten. Although it was thick and moderately elastic, I had no trouble cutting it. And I was able to swallow it with just a few bites! I was very surprised. “It has a texture like ham steak, but it tastes like beef steak,” he said. It seems that there is no burden on the teeth and jaw at all.

The author’s mother has healthy teeth, and she said, “This softness is enough.” Her deceased father had weak teeth, but he said the food was soft enough for him to eat without worry. He seems to have liked the fact that there is no fat and the aftertaste is refreshing.

*When you have an elderly person eat it, we recommend eating it while watching over them so that they don’t get stuck in their throats.

Even people other than the elderly can eat deliciously
I’m glad that my elderly mother was pleased, but of course young people can also eat deliciously. The writer likes to grill both sides a little after boiling. Also, you can eat it as it is, but it’s more delicious if you put sauce on it. Uruguayan beef has a unique flavor, and I personally think it goes well with a soy sauce-based sauce.

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