Amazing high image quality! Fujifilm “instax mini Evo” is a new era cheki that is fun for adults to use

Akiko Oki, who is a beginner writer for digital cameras, is studying about cameras in this series!
So far, we have featured various instant cameras such as Takara Tomy “Pixtoss”, Fujifilm “instax mini LiPlay”, and KODAK “Mini Shot Combo 2”.

“Pixtoss” is reasonably priced, “instax mini LiPlay” is unique because it captures the voice of the shooting, and “Mini Shot Combo 2” is attractive because it has a printer and a camera in one. Personally, the camera I’m introducing this time is my favorite model these days.

The name is Fujifilm “instax mini Evo”!
This check has achieved the highest image quality in instax history, and by combining the effects of the lens and film, it seems that a total of 100 different expressions can be expressed.

This time as well, we will review the actual machine with the cooperation of Mr. Gon Kawano, a senior writer who has been a camera enthusiast for decades.

It looks like just a classic camera
As you can see, the main body has a classical design. It has an old-fashioned atmosphere that does not seem to be a digital check, but I am happy that it is lightweight so that women will not get tired even if they hold it with one hand (weight: about 285 g).

The operation is easy, and the check is output when the print lever prepared on the upper right side of the main body is pulled toward you.
By turning the dial on the top of the main unit, you can control 10 types of film effects such as vivid and sepia …

Shocking high image quality
Even if you are a beginner with a camera, there are no difficult operations.

At the time of shooting, select either “Natural mode” or “Rich mode” on the LCD monitor, and then press the shutter button.

First, let’s take a selfie in the standard “natural mode”.
That should be it, it seems that the exposure density is doubled in “rich mode” compared to the conventional product.

In my mind, the stereotype that “the image quality is a little rough when it comes to cheki” breaks down.

Fashionable effects make SNS posts perfect
Now I would like to enjoy the lens effect and film effect.

First, select the film effect while looking at the LCD monitor.

This time I chose the “yellow” film.

Even though I just shot the yellow flowers planted in the building in the background, it became a very emo cheki.

This time, I moved to another place and tried to apply a lens effect called “color shift” to the “vivid” film. Here is an example.

It’s kind of an artistic impression (laughs).

You can take fashionable pictures of casual streets
Here are some other interesting effects.

When I shoot a “red” film with a lens effect that divides a frame called “half frame” into two …
You can collage two images, and you will get a unique “movement”.

This time, I also took pictures of natural scenery such as flowers and rivers in the city.

For this orange flower, if you dare to select the opposite color “blue” film and shoot with “soft focus” …
The gentle and soft light spread throughout the cheki, giving it a somewhat mysterious texture.

You can see the lonely scenery along the river if you go to this check.

Multiplying the “Sepia Film” filter with a darkening lens effect called “Vignette” gives a nostalgic finish, as if you had traveled back in time.
The lever when printing is old-fashioned and it makes me feel like I’m shooting analog one by one, but of course it’s digital processing (laughs).

I think the appeal of this camera is that even beginners can use it intuitively.

Cooperation with smartphones is not difficult
Finally, let’s link it with the app. The app used is exclusively for “instax mini Evo”.

Transferring images from Cheki to your smartphone app can be done smoothly in less time.

As I wrote in the review when I used KODAK “Mini Shot Combo 2”, the latest instant cameras that you can enjoy printing on the spot can be called “Reiwa version print sticker machine”.

What’s more, this “instax mini Evo” has amazingly high image quality and versatility!

It has the features I wanted, and I wanted to take it with me to all kinds of events such as travel destinations, girls-only gatherings, and dates.

Please try it once!

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