Amazing absorbency! Comfortable to go out on a rainy day with a new type of “stick” towel ♪

In the summer, we often encounter sudden guerrilla downpours. I hurriedly wipe my wet bag and belongings with a hand towel, but of course the towel is soaked and difficult to handle.
I found a towel that seems to solve such problems!

“Stick type” towel!?
The upper half of the stick (gray part) is a soft, fluffy sponge that dries quickly and is made from a super-microporous sponge called Sofras. The amount of water absorption is 3 times that of diatomaceous earth, and the water absorption rate is 6 times.
Active in places where you do not want to use towels
Well, what kind of scene is this “STTA” useful for ? For example, a bicycle saddle after it rains. In my case, I usually carry a towel around to dry my hands after washing, so I’m somewhat uncomfortable with wiping the saddle, which is exposed to the outside air, with a towel.
Even when wiping a wide area that would be soaked with an ordinary hand towel, “STTA” can be squeezed and wiped over and over again, so you can do it with ease.
I tried to compare the water absorption
In fact, I was curious about how much water it absorbs compared to ordinary towels, so I did a little experiment. We prepared a standard hand towel, a highly absorbent chamois towel used for swimming, and “STTA” and made them absorb the same amount of water and compared their speeds.The time it took to absorb water was about 3 minutes and 43 seconds. Since the water absorption did not progress too much, I used my hands to adjust the position a little on the way.The time it took to absorb water was about 53 seconds. I think that the large surface area also has an effect, but as expected, it is a chamois towel. I was able to absorb water at a very fast speed!The time it took to absorb water was about 1 minute and 47 seconds. This time, I experimented with the sponge part removed from the main body. Considering that the area in contact with the water is the smallest among the three types of towels compared this time, isn’t it quite fast?
In terms of water absorption speed, the chamois towel was the No. 1 result. However, it can be said that “STTA” also has considerably higher water absorption than general hand towels. The maximum water absorption of “STTA” is about 70cc, but I had the impression that it could absorb more.

Also, compared to this time, I felt that “STTA” is easier to handle than a chamois towel. A chamois towel hardens when it dries, so you have to lightly wet it to soften it before using it. On the other hand, “STTA” is soft even when dry and can be used immediately. It’s compact, so it’s easy to carry around.
It has its quirks, but it’s convenient if you master it!
Finally, I’d like to share with you some of the things I noticed while using it. “STTA” is good at sucking water droplets on a flat surface, but it seems that it is not good at small parts and uneven places due to its shape.
Also, as mentioned above, the sponge part can be removed and washed, but it is somewhat inconvenient to remove. First, remove the handle and remove the sponge while holding the core inside with your fingers. I thought it would be easier to use if it was easier to remove.

The color I purchased this time is light gray, but dark blue and dark gray are also available. It has a shape that is quite different from conventional towels, and it has some peculiarities such as being difficult to use on uneven surfaces. You can easily wipe wet bags, bicycles, umbrellas, etc., so it will come in handy when you go out on a rainy day.

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