“Always display the number of characters” is too convenient! The new “Pomera DM250” has evolved significantly

Since the first model appeared in 2008, King Jim’s digital memo tool “Pomera” series has continued to increase fans, mainly among Japanese professionals such as writers, reporters, and writers.

Among them, the flagship model “Pomera DM200” that appeared in 2016 became a hot topic for its specifications that stoically pursued text input efficiency, such as improving the keystroke feeling and installing a dedicated ATOK in the Japanese input FEP. rice field.

Such “Pomera DM200” has been greatly improved after 6 years since its release. It was released on July 29, 2022 as the new flagship successor model “Pomera DM250”.

So, this time, what is the difference between “DM200” and “DM250”? what’s better? Should I replace it in the first place? Let’s check the area around.
Check from the standpoint of writing a manuscript, “DM250” here is the buying point
As a matter of fact, I don’t think there are many opportunities to feel that the “DM200” is inferior in terms of specifications, partly because it is a tool that works within the limited framework of a dedicated text input device, even though it has been on sale for six years. Of course, if there is a physical failure, it’s different, but isn’t it okay to continue using the “DM200” for a while? There may be people who say. The appearance and size are almost the same.
……about. However, to put it the other way around, I don’t have to worry about “The DM200, which I’ve been using for a long time, has changed from the ground up!” The above changes can be interpreted as a point of comfort without changing the usability part so far.
On the other hand, although it’s hard to see from the outside, there are quite a few new features that make you say, “I’ve been waiting for this!”

For example, autobackup and trash can features have been added as storage has increased. Auto backup automatically saves the state before saving in the backup area every time you overwrite the file. Even if you overwrite it by mistake, it’s great that you can recover it once (file management settings are required in advance).

The Recycle Bin acts as a temporary storage for deleted files from which they can be recovered.

Also, what I felt was soberly the best is that you can always see the “number of characters” on the screen. This is what I’ve been waiting for… or rather, I feel like the points I’ve been unsatisfied with throughout the series have finally been improved.

Even if you don’t open the properties from the menu or function key and check it, you can see the current number of characters by looking at the bottom of the screen. To be honest, I would like to claim that this alone is a replacement for the “DM200”.

The unique screen display is the scenario mode.

As you can see at a glance, this is a display mode optimized for writing screenplays, roundtables, and the like. Writing while switching between two areas is the same as the conventional outline mode, but the feature is that the text area is divided by scene and cast name instead of being layered by heading.

I don’t think this is a feature that everyone needs, but it may have been requested by users (writers, broadcast writers, etc.).
how the user interface has changed
If you hear about the new model of “Pomera”, what happened to the keyboard area? is a concern for many people.

The key pitch is 17 mm wide, which is the same as before, and the impression of ease of typing remains the same. However, the keystrokes are slightly shallower, and the touch feels less clattery.

Personally, I liked the mechanical keystroke feeling of the “DM200”, so it might be a little lonely. However, I think that if you play for a while, you will soon get used to it.
It seems that the V-shaped link mechanism that sinks the entire surface vertically even when the edge of the key top is pressed continues from the conventional model. So, even if you press the keys roughly, you can still enter without mistakes. This is also an important point related to input efficiency, so it is helpful to be able to type without discomfort.
By the way, in addition to the conventional “US layout” and “thumb shift 1”, the key layout that can be set by using the key top sticker is an improved  I’m here.

Since the developer is a thumb shifter, it is said that “thumb shift 2” is considered to be able to hit comfortably without clogging the fingertips.
Another important thing is Japanese FEP. This is also equipped with “ATOK for pomera [Professional]” tuned exclusively for “Pomera”.

This ATOK has been one of the big sellers since the time of “DM200”. It was an excellent one that can perform fairly smooth input conversion.

In addition, ATOK in the “DM250” has greatly enhanced proofreading support functions that point out errors in readings, kana usage, and misuse of words.

However, with regard to this, there is also the troublesomeness of “pointing out even the intentional misuse style expression”, so it is good or bad.
Is the connection of the new application “Pomera Link” comfortable?
“Pomera” is an input-only device, so if you want to send or print out data externally, you need to transfer the text data to your PC or smartphone.

There are three methods: the standard “QR code” of the series, “upload” with “Gmail” via Wi-Fi, and the new “connection with the application”.

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