Although it looks cute, it is a talented person! Cassette gas hot plate “Minimal” that is just right for living alone

A cassette gas hot plate with a cute design that can be used as an interior decoration.
Hot plates and grill pans for single-person households are sold by various manufacturers, but most of them are electric and use by plugging the power cord into an outlet. In that respect, the Minimal introduced this time is a cassette gas type that uses a cassette gas cylinder set, so there is no hassle of preparing an extension cord because there are not enough outlets or being careful not to get caught in the power cord. .

Also, based on my experience so far, the cassette gas type has the impression that it starts up faster than the general electric hot plate. In addition, I think that the gas type is better for grilling vegetables deliciously and making ingredients crispy and fragrant. In addition, minimal is characterized by colors and shapes that are not “just like” designs. It seems to be popular with people who are particular about interior design.

What about actual firepower? Let’s try grilled food

From here on, I’ll be cooking with Minimal. I think many people enjoy grilled meat and okonomiyaki on a hot plate, but this time I tried using it like a frying pan.
Not just baked goods! Can be steamed
If you take advantage of the deep plate and tall lid, you can also make steamed food. Let’s make creme brulee in style!
The heating power of 1,100kcal/h is by no means a large heating power compared to a general cassette stove. However, it doesn’t boil a lot of water, and the plate size is small, so this amount of heat is enough. Fuel consumption is also good by that amount, and the continuous burning time is about 175 minutes, which is more economical than cassette stoves in the same class. Minimal can also be used outdoors. It can be used anywhere, so it is perfect for picnics and small group camping.

In this way, you can enjoy various cooking in any situation with minimal. French toast in the morning, paella at lunch, pancakes and galettes at tea time, and steak at night. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as “baking,” “steaming,” and “simmering,” so it might be a good idea to leave it on the tabletop or nearby so that you can use it anytime. It’s a cute design that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to put in a conspicuous place.

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