All black Converse “Jack Purcell” is equipped with “GORE-TEX”!

Canadian badminton player Jack Purcell is a legendary player who has won the badminton world championship for 14 consecutive years since 1932. Such he was involved in the development, and the shoes born in 1935 are “Jack Purcell”. It is one of the iconic models that represent Converse, and has been loved for many years, including details commonly known as “beard” and “smile”.

The updated model “Jack Pursel GORE-TEX RH”, which has improved waterproofness by installing “GORE-TEX” fabrics on the upper while maintaining the form and details unique to “Jack Pursel”, has arrived. You can’t help but try this!
Equipped with “GORE-TEX” fabric for waterproof and moisture permeability!
The biggest point of this model is that modern functions are added. The lining is equipped with “GORE-TEX” fabric, which has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability. In addition, the upper surface is made of canvas with a water-repellent finish, which repels water.

On the other hand, the insole is equipped with Converse’s original high-performance cup insole “REACT HD” to improve lightness and cushioning.

Firmly inherit the characteristic design!
Of course, the distinctive design that can be said to be the identity of “Jack Purcell” is also firmly inherited. The toe has a “smile” mark attached from a design that looks like a smiling mouth. Also pay attention to the heel label. Prints drawn to divide the triangle into left and right from the center, so-called “mustache” are also covered firmly. The tradition of “Jack Purcell” and modern technology are beautifully mixed.
“High-tech Jack Purcell” that mixes old and new!
“Jack Purcell” is a model that drives the popularity of low-tech sneakers along with Converse’s “All Star”, but by installing “GORE-TEX” fabrics, it has become a high-tech model. In addition, the high-performance cup insole “REACT HD” makes it comfortable to wear. While it has a low-tech classic look, it also fully covers the functionality required of modern sneakers, making it an old and new pair.

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