“Air Twister” by arcade game legend is now available on Apple Arcade!

A new game by a Japanese developer will be added to Apple’s flat-rate game service “Apple Arcade,” where you can enjoy more than 200 games for 600 yen (tax included) per month. YS NET’s shooting game “Air Twister” led by Yu Suzuki, who worked on Sega’s popular arcade game and “Shenmue”, and “Cooking Mama: Nouvelle Cuisine”, the latest work in the “Cooking Mama” series by Office Create. Two titles. We talked to two companies for delivery in June.

“Air Twister” Apple Arcade’s first title by Suzuki, the creator of the popular arcade game

Air Twister is a 3D shooting game developed by YS NET led by game creator Suzuki who created blockbuster arcade games such as “Hang On”, “Space Harrier” and “Virtua Fighter” series. It flies freely on the screen like a space harrier, which is said to be the originator of 3D shooting, and defeats enemies by touch operation.
The story is that the player becomes a princess who saves a star that is in danger of being destroyed by the invasion of a mysterious enemy and saves the world. There are 12 stages, and there are 10 different bosses in various worlds. It also includes elements such as collecting stars to power up the princess.

It is mainly considered to be played on the iPhone, and swipe to destroy the approaching enemies. You can also connect a gamepad and play arcade games.

Suzuki said, “We had a lot of discussions about whether we could bring the world of arcade games to Apple Arcade, and this Air Twister was born. I think we have created something that even beginners can enjoy casually.” It takes about 40 minutes to clear all 12 stages. Why don’t you enjoy the fun of that arcade game that you can immerse yourself in with one coin?

Delivery is scheduled for June 24th.
“Cooking Mama: Nouvelle Cuisine” The latest work of the popular simulation game has the opposite approach !?

Office Create’s “Cooking Mama: Nouvelle Cuisine” was released for the “Nintendo DS” in 2006, and is the latest in the cooking simulation game “Cooking Mama” series, which has sold a total of 12 million units.

The appeal of this series is that you can easily enjoy cooking experiences such as cutting, baking, and simmering. It has already been distributed in the app and has been downloaded over 35 million worldwide.

The latest work is characterized by the opposite approach. Togakushi Noriyasu, CEO of Office Create, said, “I used to choose the food I wanted to cook first, but the latest work chooses ingredients instead of cooking. Enjoy what you can do with the selected ingredients. I want you to have it. “
Producer Tomoaki Matsui said, “There are mistakes such as burning, but mistakes are the real pleasure of cooking. Cooking moms will follow you, so I want you to try various dishes and enrich the recipe book. The best ever I also want you to pay attention to the quality of the food. The development team also made it while hungry. ”

CEO Togakushi said, “Players can play as much as they want with peace of mind and safety. On the other hand, creators can concentrate on making interesting games without thinking about billing or sales. Apple Arcade thinks that it will be a very good bridge between both. I decided to enter, “he said, explaining why he entered Apple Arcade.
“Apple Arcade” June new work total 4
Apple Arcade is a flat-rate game service that allows you to play more than 200 games for 600 yen (tax included) per month. The feature is that there are no advertisements or in-app purchases, and it is attractive that you can enjoy it safely and securely. The number of works is steadily increasing, and in June this year, in addition to the two titles introduced this time, a total of four titles, “Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins” and “Jigsaw Puzzle by MobilityWare +”, will be added.

If you’re a member of Apple Arcade, why not play the new album? Of course, if you haven’t subscribed to Apple Arcade, please take a look

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