After changing the chopsticks to “stainless steel”, the worries disappeared! No need to replace

Hello, I’m leaf, a researcher on household savings. When it comes to cooking every day, various kitchen tools are useful . However, I didn’t think deeply about what kind of chopsticks to choose. I used to buy and use wooden and silicon ones at random, but most of them deteriorated in about a year, so I had to replace them regularly.

One day, I wondered why I had chosen randomly until now, even though it is a kitchen tool that I use so often. It’s not eco-friendly, and I want to be more particular about usability and durability. After much searching, I finally found KAI’s “SELECT100 Stainless Steel Chopsticks”.

As you can see in the photo above, I’ve been using it almost every day for several years and it hasn’t deteriorated at all. I would like to introduce the ease of use and durability of KAI’s “stainless steel chopsticks,” which I love and consider to be a “lifetime item.”
Made of stainless steel, so it does not deteriorate easily
With the wooden or silicone chopsticks I used in the past, the point where I was most concerned about deterioration was the tip . When frying or stir-frying, the parts that come into contact with heated ingredients and cooking utensils will inevitably become dirty or melt. However, this product is made of stainless steel below the handle, so it has excellent durability.

Even when frying food, which is a major factor in deterioration, the tip of the chopsticks will not burn, so it is comfortable!

In addition, just by washing it quickly, dirt can be removed immediately, so you can feel safe when touching raw meat or fish. It is also a favorite point that you can wash it in the dishwasher without hesitation.
Light and easy to handle & easy to grab ingredients
It’s quite long (33cm) for chopsticks and made of stainless steel, so it looks heavy from the outside, but I was surprised when I actually used it. Since the inside is made to be hollow, the weight is 44g, which is lighter than expected and easy to handle.
In addition, stainless steel has an image of being slippery, but the tip is rough and blasted, so you can firmly grasp the ingredients.And chopsticks are often placed temporarily while cooking. The chopsticks I used in the past had round handles, so I often dropped them on the floor when I was in a hurry. On the other hand, KAI’s “stainless steel chopsticks” have a hexagonal handle so they don’t roll over!
As you can see, it’s durable and easy to use, so I can’t let it go.

Ali also points to be careful
I have been using this “stainless chopsticks” for several years, and I would like to tell you two things that I pay attention to when working with them.

[1] Be careful when handling hot food immediately after cooking. The
tip of stainless steel chopsticks will become hot after being used for hot food or fried food, so be careful not to touch it with bare hands immediately. please.
[2] Beware of scratches on the frying pan
As we have already mentioned, there are advantages to having stainless steel tips, but there are also disadvantages. Because stainless steel is a hard material, it is not suitable for frying. When I use it to stir-fry, I’m worried that it will make a clicking sound and scratch the frying pan. I think it depends on the material of the frying pan, but I don’t use “stainless chopsticks” for stir-frying.
Good quality for the price
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of KAI’s “Stainless Saibashi” is 3,080 yen (including tax), and I was surprised when I first saw the price. However, after using it for several years, I am satisfied. I think it’s convenient and durable for the price.
For those who buy new Saibashi many times, I would like you to take the plunge and try “Stainless Saibashi”. It was an introduction of my favorite tool that I would like to continue using.

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