“Abura soba” but a completely nutritious food!? Compare the taste of the popular “complete meal” with the original!

Now, complete nutrition food is showing more and more excitement. Among them, the attention is the new “Complete Meshi” series released by that big brand of Nissin Foods. Sales began on May 30, 2022 at the official online store and “Seven-Eleven”.

Nissin Foods’ complete nutritional food was previously introduced in “What is” complete nutritional pasta “!? A food analyst compares the two major brands” , but this time it is not pasta, but curry, oil soba, smoothie. , Granola, and a variety of new genres.

Among them, curry is “Curry Meshi” and oil soba is “Rao”, each of which has its own prestigious brand, and Nissin said that it will be put on the distribution network of the largest convenience store “Seven-Eleven”. I feel the confidence and spirit of food.
The gourd is said to be “perfect balance of nutrition and deliciousness!”, but is it really delicious? So, compare “Complete Meshi Curry Mesh European Curry” with the existing “Nissin Curry Meshi Beef”, and “Complete Meshi Pork Rao Oil Soba” with “Nissin Rao Juiceless Dandan Noodles”! We deeply investigated the differences in specs and taste.

The appeal of a complete nutritional diet is that you can get the nutrients you need well.
Before going into the eating comparison, I will first explain the complete nutrition food. Although there is no clear definition of a complete nutritional diet, it is common to indicate foods that contain 1/3 of the nutrients required per day based on the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese people presented by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. target. By incorporating it into your daily diet, it is attractive to be able to take in nutrients that tend to be out of balance.

The pioneer in this category is Base Food. The company’s bread “Base Bread” is now established as a year-round display on the shelves of major convenience stores and drug stores.
This time’s “Complete Meshi” is also designed to allow you to take in 33 types of nutrients set by the “Japanese Dietary Reference Intakes”. The ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which are the three major nutrients, is set to the ideal value, and dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids are also blended in a well-balanced manner.

The 33 types of nutrients are rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, and C, even just the elements that are named “vitamins.” In addition, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc. can also be ingested firmly.

Survey 1: “Curry Meshi” Comparison
“Nissin Curry Meshi Beef” VS. “Complete Meshi Curry Meshi European Curry”
Now, let’s finally start comparing the tastes. First, let’s compare the specifications of “Curry Meshi”. “Curry Meshi” is an instant rice brand that has been carefully nurtured by Nissin Foods, and there are several lineups such as beef, keema, and seafood. Since the product name of Perfect Meshi is “Complete Meshi Curry Meshi European Curry”, I think that the standard “Nissin Curry Meshi Beef” is the closest to the taste.
When compared in this way, the packages are very similar in terms of color and design. So what are the specs? The amount of detailed nutritional ingredients such as vitamins is not listed on the package (the official website has graphs etc.), and “ Nissin Curry Meshi His Beef ” does not have detailed nutritional information, so it cannot be compared. So I will tell you easy-to-understand calories etc.
In addition, a sentence written under ‘onion taste and sweetness Dododon’ gives a glimpse of the uniqueness unique to Nissin Foods. “Nissin Curry Meshi Beef” is written as “* Better than Cup Noodles! (Self-proclaimed)”, but for “Complete Meshi Curry Meshi European Curry”, “* It’s better than ordinary curry mesh! ( Self-proclaimed)” is written. You can expect more of this.
From this spec comparison, you can see that the complete meal has almost the same calories and carbohydrates, but is richer in protein and slightly lower in fat. It’s not low in calories, so I can’t say it’s suitable for dieting, but this is a nice point.

Next, open the lid and check the contents. By the way, there were two kinds of bags in the upper plastic part of “Complete mesh curry mesh European style curry”.
Both ingredients include seasoned minced meat, french fries, and carrots, but the meat is different. “Nissin Curry Messi Beef” is a cow, and “Complete Messi Curry Messi European Curry” is a pig. I see, does the complete meal mean “European-style pork curry”?

Finally, put hot water in both and start cooking. The waiting time for both is 5 minutes, and when you open it, it looks like a bubble. Stir this well with a spoon to complete.

The two types of bags of “Complete Meshi, Curry Meshi, European Curry” are “complete mystery powder” and “finishing oil” respectively. Complete mystery powder will surely turn into curry.” From here, you can feel the wonderful sillyness of Nissin Foods, rather than the DNA of Cup Noodles.
Now it’s time for the tasting. “Nissin curry mesh beef” has a strong sticky texture and rich richness. The sweetness of the onion and the sourness of the tomato are also moderate, and it has a deep flavor with a demi-glace feel like a western beef curry.
On the other hand, “Complete Meshi Curry Meshi European Curry” differs from “Nissin Curry Meshi Beef” in its relatively smooth texture and grainy rice. I think that if you use a little less hot water, the thickness will be stronger like “Nissin Curry Messi Beef”. The basic taste structure is similar, but there are consommé-like dashi and caramel-like sweetness, and the slightly short aftertaste is also different. There was no chemical sense of incongruity, and I felt that the degree of perfection was quite high

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