A mysterious Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t care about position or distance! Sony “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300” reviews

Sony’s latest Bluetooth speakers ” SRS-XE200 ” and ” SRS-XE300 ” were released on July 8th. The Bluetooth speaker itself is a genre that has already become a standard, so even if it was explained that it had a unique structure “Line-Shape Diffuser”, I thought that it would be a model that would be washed away.
When I set up the Sony “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300” at home and started listening to music, I was so shocked by the strange listening experience that I said “What is this!“​the side instead of the front, you can still hear the music with the same sound quality and volume… ?
This time, let’s report in detail on such innovative Bluetooth speakers, Sony “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300”.
Innovative Bluetooth speaker that covers a wide listening area with one unit
I knew the overview of the new product from the report article at the time of the announcement by the editorial department , but when I actually experienced the “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300”, the way music was heard was strange and too interesting. .

Introducing the product again, the new models “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300” are Bluetooth speakers equipped with Sony’s unique technology “Line-Shape Diffuser”.

“Line-Shape Diffuser” is a technology inspired by line sound sources to deliver sound over a wide distance at concert venues and live venues. By reflecting the sound, the sound is diffused to the outside, realizing a wide listening area. There is a technical necessity to the unique pentagonal body. By the way, the effect of expanding this listening area is effective only in vertical installation.
“SRS-XE200” is 90 (width) x 208 (height) x 94 (depth) mm and weighs about 0.8 kg, which is about the size of a 500 ml plastic bottle made into a thick hexagon. The “SRS-XE300” is 105 (width) x 238 (height) x 119 (depth) mm and weighs 1300g, which is slightly larger than a Bluetooth speaker. Continuous playback time is about 16 hours for “SRS-XE200” and about 24 hours for “SRS-XE300”. It also supports IP67 dustproof, waterproof, and rustproof.

Both “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300” are equipped with Sony’s unique asymmetric full-range unit “X-Balanced Speaker Unit” x 2, and are also equipped with dual passive radiators. The familiar technology of Sony’s Bluetooth speakers, such as “DSEE” high-quality sound up-conversion technology and LDAC codec support that allows you to enjoy high-resolution wireless with Bluetooth, is also firmly inherited.

A mysterious listening experience regardless of position or distance
When I connect to my smartphone again and listen to music with “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300”, as I wrote at the beginning, the listening experience with “Line-Shape Diffuser” is amazing.
Both “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300” have a characteristic sound feel that makes the sound seem to float in space. It’s the opposite image. The midrange is a little unclear, and you can hear the sound that echoes in the space without knowing the direction. The “SRS-XE300” has an upgraded sound compared to the “SRS-XE200”, with a clearer singing voice and a richer sound with heavy bass. The feeling that the deep bass of BTS’s “Dnynamite” resonates is very compatible. By the way, even if you play a video on YouTube, the sound just floats in the space, and it does not mean that you can feel the spread of surround sound, so please be careful about that.
In any case, the SRS-XE200 and SRS-XE300 cannot be said to simply sound good, but thanks to the unique Line-Shape Diffuser, the front of the speaker (a vertical opening like a slit) There is little change in sound quality with respect to the installation position, from the direction where the For example, even if you play music from the speaker and move it back and forth at a distance directly in front of you, there is almost no change in sound quality or volume (more precisely, sound pressure). As far as I tried, it seems that there is no change even if I move the position of about 5 meters square. However, if you get closer to within 1 meter, you can understand the source of the sound itself. However, if you want to play music as BGM in the room, you don’t have to listen to music at the ideal listening spot… You can enjoy good sound anywhere on the “SRS-XE200” or “SRS-XE300”. There is an advantage.
Another thing is that the “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300” can be used in cases where you want to play music at a short distance or enjoy videos and games on your smartphone. Even if it’s a one-body Bluetooth speaker, it’s not always possible to place it in the correct position in front of you, so it’s still convenient to be able to hear natural sound even if you put it in an appropriate position.
In terms of functionality, you can also switch the settings from the dedicated application “Music Center” to play stereo by itself, but the effect of “Line-Shape Diffuser” is also lost, and there is not much merit in terms of sound quality. If you purchase multiple units, stereo playback is possible with a wide listening area, but “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300” are overwhelmingly suitable for listening in a rough positional relationship.

In this way, the Sony “SRS-XE200” and “SRS-XE300” have unique individuality, but if you are considering purchasing, personally, the top model “SRS-XE300” is the first choice. I want to give. The effect of “Line-Shape Diffuser” can also be felt in “SRS-XE200”, but the sound quality of “SRS-XE200” is somewhat unsatisfactory for the price of about 15,000 yen. When it comes to “SRS-XE300”, the price jumps to about 20,000 yen, but the sound quality improves more than the price. The beauty of the relaxed vocals and the rich bass make the price reasonable. If you are interested in sound that is less affected by the installation position, why not consider it?

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