A high cost performance machine that is attractive not only to the serious but also to the enjoyment. Latest gaming smartphone catalog

Android smartphones have genres that specialize in games called “gaming smartphones” and “gaming smartphones”. Some people may have the impression that it is a bit geeky because it is a specification that prioritizes games, but its high performance and cheap price compared to recent high-end smartphones are attractive to many smartphone users. Let’s deliver the features of such a gaming smartphone and the catalog of the latest products.

Gaming smartphones are also strong in video and sound. High processing performance per price
High-end smartphones equipped with high-performance SoCs include genres called gaming smartphones suitable for TPS (third-person shooters), RPGs with high specifications, and rhythm games.

General high-end smartphones have well-balanced versatility not only for games, but also for cameras, displays, thin and light body, long battery life, and abundant additional functions. However, gaming smartphones are different in that they focus on the display, sound, and cooling performance that are closely related to the game. Specific features are summarized below.

Ample performance by combining high-end SoC with large-capacity memory
Gaming smartphones are equipped with high-end SoCs with high graphics performance in order to minimize frame rate drops and stuttering in games. In addition, the memory capacity is often 12GB or 18GB, which is relatively large. In general, it has sufficient basic performance.

Equipped with powerful cooling system
Game applications continue to put a load on the CPU, the SoC that integrates the graphics accelerator, and the power supply. However, these parts are vulnerable to heat, so it is necessary to temporarily lower the performance to suppress heat generation. To solve this dilemma, gaming smartphones are equipped with powerful cooling systems. This prevents heat sagging due to long-time play and realizes stable operation.
Equipped with stereo speakers
Sound is an important source of information in games. Therefore, stereo speakers are widely used in gaming smartphones. It should be noted that most headphones are equipped with a headphone jack that is suitable for games because there is no delay, but there are some that are not installed, such as the “Black Shark5” series. In that case, it is necessary to combine earphones with USB Type-C connection or a conversion adapter.

Adoption of 120Hz drive display and large screen display with enhanced touch sampling rate
It also features a display. The resolution of the display is limited to full HD+, and extreme high resolutions such as 4K and WQHD are not seen. This is based on the judgment that full HD class is enough for games. In addition, large screens in the latter half of the 6-inch range are the mainstream. In addition, in order to ensure visibility, it is also a point that many of them use flat displays with little light reflection.
Recently, even mid-range smartphones have increased support for 120Hz refresh rates. However, some gaming smartphones have faster displays at 144Hz and 165Hz. Such a fast refresh rate can be expected to have the effect of reducing afterimages and improving visibility. In addition, in order to use a high-speed refresh rate of 60Hz or higher, it is necessary to support the game application side.

Another important factor is the touch sampling rate. This is how often to read the touch operation. The normal value is 60Hz, but gaming smartphones have 240Hz, 360Hz, 480Hz, and 720Hz. The higher this number, the shorter the time lag of the operation, and the sharper and more direct feeling of the operation will be improved. However, it also consumes more battery. Note that this function does not require support on the app side.

Flashy design and shoulder buttons
It seems that many people imagine a flashy design when they hear a gaming smartphone. Certainly, the appearance of gaming smartphones is very strong. However, since the body is also considered to be easy to hold, it is not just a design body. However, due to the elaborate cooling system built into them, they are generally large and heavy.

Another feature of gaming smartphones is the two shoulder buttons on the sides. The shoulder button can be customized by the user, but depending on the game, it can be a very powerful weapon.
If you are looking for high AV performance and high-end SoC, it is actually a high cost performance
The price of a gaming smartphone is around 100,000 yen. On the other hand, high-end smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 will be in the high 150,000 yen range as of the summer of 2022. You can get one with the same SoC for less. In addition, the screen size is wide and the sound performance is high, so it is suitable for watching videos. Of course, it is a very attractive product for those who want to enjoy smartphones for various purposes, including games, as well as those who enjoy games.

What gaming smartphones are not good at
Next, I summarized what gaming smartphones are not good at.

Waterproof and dustproof, FeliCa is basically not supported
In the Japanese market, waterproofing and dustproofing of smartphones is very important, but gaming smartphones are at most drip-proof to withstand rain and splashes. In order to improve the waterproof and dustproof performance, it is necessary to seal the inside of the body. However, it is not necessarily a welcome body structure for efficient heat treatment.

I can’t find anything that supports FeliCa. There is also the fact that FeliCa, which is used in Osaifu-Keitai in games, is unnecessary, and since gaming smartphones are mainly deployed globally, it is also true that it is not worth it to support Japan’s unique FeliCa. None of the 4 models featured on this page have a FeliCa port.

I don’t care about camera features
Even gaming smartphones have cameras. However, the commitment like a general high-end smartphone is thin. It’s not completely unusable, including night shots, but if you’re focusing on the camera, it seems better to choose a normal high-end smartphone.

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