A bright red jewel swoosh! “Nike Air Force 1” 1997 model revived

Nike’s classic sneaker “Nike Air Force 1” first appeared in 1982 as a basketball shoe equipped with “Nike Air”. The model name is named after the presidential plane “Air Force One” in the United States, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a symbol of the United States.

In 2022, which celebrated its 40th anniversary, various versions such as NYC model, HOOPS version, canvas upper model, etc. are released one after another to celebrate it.

Meanwhile, a pair that stimulates the desire of sneaker lovers has appeared again. That’s “Nike Air Force 1 MID QS”! The pop tricolor color, which is based on white and is studded with bright blue and red, is very impressive. In fact, this model is a reprint of the legendary pair that was released in the 1990s and became a big hit.
Faithfully reproduce the original released in 1997!
This model is a reprint of the “Nike Air Force 1 MID QS Independence Day” released by Nike to celebrate “Independence Day” on July 4th every year. The point is the tricolor color of “white x blue x red” reminiscent of the Star-Spangled Banner of the United States, and it is a vivid coloring suitable for early summer. In addition, the original details such as the patent-switched mudguards and heels, and the gorgeous jewel swoosh are faithfully reproduced.
Firmly inherits the comfort unique to “Air Force 1”!
Of course, the functionality unique to “Air Force 1” is also firmly inherited. The ankle strap, which is a characteristic detail of the mid-cut model, provides excellent fitting and holding power. And the familiar “Nike Air” is installed in the midsole. A full-length type air cushion that provides smooth cushioning from landing to kicking.
[Summary] A clean taste that fits adult casually!
The fat and powerful silhouette of “Nike Air Force 1” and the pop and clean tricolor color are in perfect harmony! And because it is a reproduction of the model released in 1997, the jewel swoosh that symbolizes Nike at that time is also a point. The combination of patents, which is rare in the recent “Air Force 1”, is also fresh. It has a very clean presence and is recommended for adult styles!

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