“2022” PS4, recommended game software! Carefully selected masterpieces that you will be addicted to forgetting to sleep and eat

This is a must-see for those who are wondering which software is interesting and which one should be bought! From the many software released from 2018 to 2022 of “PlayStation 4 (PS4)”, we carefully selected only the masterpieces that you will not regret buying. We have picked up only those with high user popularity and satisfaction by genre, so you will surely find the perfect game for you! Please play down PS4 in 2022 as well.

Table of Contents
・ RPG & Action RPG ――If you want to take your time alone, RPG!
・ Action-The long-awaited titles from all over the world are lined up!
・ Shooting-Battle royale is hot online!
・ Simulation-A lot of management, tactics, and training!
・ Adventure-Change the future with your choice!
Horror-I’m scared but I can’t stop!

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The “Tales of” series, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021, is known as a representative title of BNE Entertainment. The latest numbering work is “Tales of ARISE”. The main character of this work is Alphen, a young man who lives as a slave in Dana, who is dominated by the star Lena, who has developed magic and science. The story is that he meets Zion, who is chased by Lena, who should be his compatriot, and aims to release Dana while traveling together.

The world view of a royal road RPG in which magic and science are mixed in a cityscape like medieval Europe, but the soft and warm graphics with a touch like a painting have an atmosphere different from the photorealistic “Western game”. .. There are things that are fun just walking in a beautiful transparent city or field.

Although it is an RPG, the battle is a fierce action battle that progresses in fierce real time. The battle where sword skills and magic attacks are mixed is powerful with flashy animation. In particular, the secret mystery that causes great damage is very cool in cutting and directing, and it makes you feel excited when you perform a special move. If you like RPGs and action games, this is a title to check.
The latest work in the popular open world FPS “Far Cry” series, “Far Cry 6”, which is familiar with its vast open world map and exhilarating action with a high degree of freedom. This work is a Far Cry-like story in which the main character Danny Rojas causes a guerrilla revolution in the fictional country “Yarra” controlled by a dictator.

In a vast open world infested with dictatorship soldiers, we will release the area and expand the power of guerrillas while defeating enemy bases scattered around. As the story progresses, the level of enemies rises overall, so the enemies in the area where you first started to capture are weak, and the enemies in the area where you attack later become stronger, which is a well-balanced mechanism. I am.

I think it’s a work that sticks to people who like FPS shooting and crafting weapons and vehicles. Also, I would like people who like FPS but don’t like online competition to play. Please enjoy the charm of “Far Cry 6”, which is a fusion of open world and FPS

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