“2022” Gachi gamer commentary! How to choose a gaming headset & 5 carefully selected models

When playing a full-scale game on a PC, PS4, or Nintendo Switch, it is common to output sound from the speakers of the monitor or TV, but if you stick to the sound, you can immerse yourself in the game world. With a gaming headset developed specifically for games, you can experience rich and immersive sound, and you can also use the VC (Voice Chat) function to communicate with your online friends by voice. It is convenient for.

Here, we have picked up the points to check when choosing such a gaming headset and the latest popular models. In order to enjoy the game 100%, please refer to this article and choose a gaming headset.

What is a gaming headset?
Gaming headsets, as the name implies, are headsets that specialize in game sounds. It is equipped with a microphone for voice chat, emphasizes bass in the game sound, and can clarify the direction of sound with stereophonic sound, so you can increase the immersion of the game and advance the game to your advantage. can also do.

Some people say that “sound is enough because there is a speaker”, but headsets are the most important item in order to obtain more detailed information from “sound” that cannot be understood only by sight.

For example, if the bass is emphasized, you can clearly hear the footsteps and gunshots, making it easier to determine the position of the enemy, and if you have a stereophonic function, you can intuitively grasp the direction in which the sound was made. Become. If you can recognize that there is something there, you will be able to plan a strategy in advance and play the game in an advantageous way. Especially in shooting games such as FPS, sound information is a “valuable source of information” that determines the outcome.

Even if the game is not so severe, even in a game such as an RPG, by using the stereophonic function, you can feel as if you were really there, and there is also the advantage of increasing the immersive feeling. ..

Also, in recent online games, players are increasingly playing teams by voice chat, and gaming headsets are no longer a must-have item if you want to play these games in earnest.

Points to keep in mind when choosing a gaming headset
There are various types of products, even if it is called a gaming headset. Sounds are heard differently depending on the person, and the shape of the head and the shape of the ears also change the comfort of wearing. As a result, gaming headsets are one of the most difficult gaming devices to choose from, as they are more sensitive to taste. Although it is such a gaming set, I will explain the points of interest that can be understood from the specifications from the next section, so please refer to it.

Wired or wireless connection
The first thing to look for when choosing a gaming headset is whether it’s a wired or wireless connection. Wired connection (mini plug / USB) does not need to be charged, and many models are relatively cheaper than wireless, but the cable may get in the way and it takes time to remove it from your ear when you leave your seat. increase.

On the other hand, in the case of wireless connection, the freedom to leave while having a voice chat is attractive. However, there are many expensive models compared to the wired connection type, and there is a disadvantage that it needs to be charged every time it is used. You don’t have to worry about the delay caused by wireless connection, as it is almost unnoticeable. However, you need to be careful when playing games such as sound games that can be fatal even with a level of delay that you cannot feel.

Closed type or open type
Gaming headsets can be broadly divided into closed and open types. The closed type has high sound insulation and high bass quality, but it also has the disadvantage that the sound is easily muffled and the surrounding sound cannot be heard. On the other hand, the open type is characterized by the fact that the sound is less muffled and you can enjoy clear sound, but it is easy for sound to leak and you can hear the surrounding sounds.

There are also differences in the material of the ear pads, such as the closed type tends to be made of synthetic leather, and the open type tends to be made of mesh type. It is known that synthetic leather is less durable for long-term use and mesh type is more durable, although the comfort of wearing it depends on individual taste. It is also a good idea to choose a closed type or an open type by considering the comfort of the material and how long you want to use it. There is also a type with replaceable ear pads, so if you get lost, you can buy it.

3D sound function
Next, I will explain the stereophonic function. In recent games, 5.1ch and 7.1ch surround support is common, and if you use a gaming headset that supports this, you can hear the sound from various directions, front, back, left, and right, so you can enhance the immersive feeling and make the sound. You will be able to collect various information by relying on it.

There are two types of this stereophonic function, “real surround” and “virtual surround” that realizes pseudo surround. Basically, real surround has more powerful bass, but there are two types of gaming headsets that support virtual surround, a model with a built-in audio driver and a model without a built-in audio driver, and even the former has powerful bass. You can enjoy it. The model with a built-in audio driver is also characterized by the fact that the bass boost (bass enhancement) function by vibration effect is combined with virtual surround to further enhance the spaciousness and presence of the sound.

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