[2022 Edition] 8 High Return Cards Perfect for Credit Card Beginners

As of April 2022, the 2% return campaign for the “Visa LINE Pay Credit Card,” which has been popular for its high return rate, has ended. In recent years, credit cards called high-return cards have been deteriorated one after another, so here we will carefully select and introduce the latest high-return cards that are easy to use even for beginners, with no annual membership fee or virtually no annual membership fee.
What are the conditions for a high return rate credit card that is easy to use even for beginners?
The credit card return rate, which is generally called high return, is 1% or more. There are many cards that meet that requirement, but some of them need to exceed a certain amount of annual usage, and the usage of points is limited, so it is hard to say that all of them are for beginners.

If you are a beginner, we recommend choosing a credit card that meets the following three conditions.
Regarding the annual membership fee, we also included a card that is free when used once a year. However, even if the annual membership fee of the card itself is free, some ETC cards require a fee or issuance fee. Those who use cars should pay attention to this point as well.

Regarding the return rate, all of them have cleared the condition of 1% or more, but we also included cards that can be even higher in return by combining electronic money and QR / bar code payment. The points that should be seen in terms of ease of use of points are “there are many places where you can use them”, “you can use them from a few points”, and “the expiration date is long”. Simply put, whether you can use up the points you have accumulated without expiring them.

Introducing 8 carefully selected cards
Eight credit cards were carefully selected based on these criteria. There are some cards that do not meet some conditions due to the ease of use of points, but I would like you to choose the one that suits your lifestyle. The outline of the cards to be introduced is summarized in the table below, but I will explain each one in detail.

[1] Recruit card: 1.2% return unconditionally
Feature 1: Recruit points that can be accumulated can be exchanged for Ponta and d points in 1P units.
The “Recruit Card” has specifications above the first and second points under all three conditions. There is no annual membership fee, and you can earn 1.2% of recruitment points for your monthly usage. Recruit points are valid for one year from the last month of acquisition, and are valid indefinitely as long as you continue to use them. It can be immediately exchanged for Ponta points or d points in 1P units, and the expiration date of Ponta points is 1 year from the last use date, and the expiration date of d points is 4 years (the end of the month after 48 months).

Feature 2: Up to 30,000 yen per month, points will be given even if some electronic money is charged.
While there are many cards that are not eligible for points when charging electronic money, the advantage of “Recruit Card” is that you can accumulate points for some electronic money charges up to 30,000 yen per month. The target electronic money and return rate differ depending on the international brand.
Feature 3: For recruiting services, bonus points in the campaign
In addition, in recruiting services, bonus points may be given when using the campaign, and limited-time points and discount coupons may be distributed. Travel accident insurance is also included, and if you pay the prescribed travel fee in advance with a credit card, you will be compensated up to 20 million yen overseas and 10 million yen domestically. It also comes with shopping insurance that covers up to 2 million yen a year.

Feature 4: The return rate of e-commerce charges differs depending on the international brand
The issuer differs depending on the international brand, and Visa and Mastercard are issued by Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS. JCB is published by JCB. Visa and Mastercard are advantageous in terms of the return rate of electronic money charges and the large number of affiliated stores, but a fee of 1,100 yen is required to issue an ETC card. On the other hand, JCB can issue ETC cards for free. When applying, consider these points when choosing an international brand.

[2] P-one Wiz: The return rate can be increased up to 1.88% according to the amount spent for half a year.
“P-one Wiz” issued by Pocket Card is one step ahead in terms of return rate. It is a high-return card known to those in the know, with reviews such as “It is a card that is not talked about, but it is quite high-return as a card with no annual membership fee” even at Kakaku.com.

Feature 1: 1% off usage fee + 0.4% reduction
The annual membership fee is free, and 1% is automatically discounted when you charge the monthly usage fee, and 1P pocket points are also accumulated for every 1000 yen for the total billed amount after discount. If you exchange Pocket Points for FamiPay gifts or FamilyMart coupons, it will be “1P = 4 yen equivalent”, so the return rate will be about 1.4% when combined with the 1% discount. However, some payments such as various insurance premiums and ETC card usage are not eligible for the 1% discount. Those who are thinking of using it for these payments should prepare a separate sub-card.

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