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A “smartwatch” that makes communication and fitness more comfortable by linking with a smartphone. Incoming calls and app notifications on smartphones can be checked, and it can be used for daily health management and exercise, so it has become popular in the last few years. However, many smartwatches are available from various manufacturers, and some people are confused about which one to choose. Therefore, experts will explain how to choose a smartwatch and also evaluate popular products.
Smartwatch features and how to use them. Check compatibility with smartphones
A smartwatch is a wristwatch-type wearable terminal that can be used in conjunction with a smartphone. Here, we will check the main functions of the smartwatch, but before that, we would like to pay attention to the combination with the smartphone. Apple’s “Apple Watch Series” can only work with the company’s “iPhone”. And although there are products available for both the iPhone and his Android smartphone, different smartwatch and smartphone manufacturers may differ in what the app can do.
You can check notifications such as incoming calls to your smartphone, SNS apps and news apps on your smartwatch. Some models can reply to fixed phrases or make calls as they are. You can check various notifications on your smartwatch, so you won’t miss important messages or information even when your smartphone is in your bag or you are working on your computer.
Along with the communication function, the health care function is one of the main functions of smartwatches. Typical examples are heart rate and blood oxygen level measurement functions. As for heart rate, if you check the number during exercise, you can understand how much stress your body is putting on.
You can also measure your sleep level, such as when you fall asleep and the depth of your sleep, and your stress level, which shows how tense you are. The accuracy of these functions is improving year by year, and the reliability is increasing. But, of course, a full night’s battery is a must in order to measure sleep levels.You can check the amount of activity such as walking and running by the number of steps and calories burned. Many of them allow you to set a target value for your workout, which can be used for dieting. In addition, if the model is equipped with GPS, you can record the mileage and route, and you can train efficiently. Furthermore, if you use the coaching function, it is also effective to maintain motivation for exercise and improve efficiency. Some outdoor models are equipped with GPS, compass, altimeter, barometer, etc.
If you have an electronic money payment app such as “Mobile Suica” installed on your smartwatch, you can make payments at convenience stores and other places by simply holding your smartwatch over the ticket gate at a station, just like you would with a Suica card. Recently, the number of smartwatches that support credit card payments is increasing.

“Electronic m
How to choose a smartwatch and recommended 12 selections. Experts evaluate popular products according to usage
Since smartwatches are equipped with various functions, it is a big point when choosing a product whether the function that suits your usage is included. Here, you’ll find popular products for each use, as well as expert reviews.

2 recommended Apple Watches for those who want to make full use of the iPhone
If you want to use the apps installed on your iPhone as much as possible, you should consider the Apple Watch first. Since there are many users, it can be said that the reliability of various measurement values ​​is high. However, when it comes to fitness and outdoor activities, some flagship models from other manufacturers have better features.

Apple “Apple Watch Series 7 GPS model”
Large screen and high durability make it even easier to use
The 7th generation model of “Apple Watch Series”. The display that supports constant display has an outer frame that is about 40% smaller than the “Apple Watch Series 6”, expanding the display area by about 20%. It also features enhanced durability, adopting a front crystal with excellent crack resistance, and has IP6X certification for dustproof performance. In addition to the blood oxygen concentration* measurement function, it also has an electrocardiogram function, although it cannot be used in Japan.
*Since it is not designed as a medical device, it cannot be used for diagnosing, treating, or preventing diseases
Two smartwatches recommended for those who value app notifications and daily health management
If you have a lot of app notifications and the health care function is enough to manage your health on a daily basis, the low-priced entry model will be practical enough. You can also measure your steps, heart rate, and display calories burned without any problems. You can’t miss the benefits of low battery consumption and long-term use.

Fitbit “Fitbit Charge 5”
Health care partner that proposes workouts that match the physical condition of the day
The 5th generation model of the “Fitbit Charge” series can measure blood oxygen concentration* and estimated skin temperature*. If you use the paid service “Fitbit Premium”, the “today’s energy score” based on activity, sleep, and heart rate variability will be calculated every morning. activity and suggests a workout that suits your physical condition for the day.
*Since it is not designed as a medical device, it cannot be used for diagnosing, treating, or preventing diseases.
The 7th generation model of the “smart band” series with excellent cost performance. The display area is 25% larger than the previous model, making it easier to read app notifications. New support for always-on display makes it possible to check the time, notifications, and workout status without turning on the power. Due to low power consumption, it also features a long drive time of about 14 days in normal mode.3 smartwatches recommended for serious workouts
If you want to use it for a full-fledged diet or training, we recommend a smartwatch that allows you to check your exercise intensity and achievement level.

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