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A baby carrier is a convenient must-have item when carrying a newborn baby upright or doing housework while carrying a baby on your back. Even if you use the stroller as the main way to move your baby, you can use the stroller and the carrier separately to make childcare more comfortable. Recently, in addition to general baby carriers, slings and baby wraps, which are easy to carry and easy to match with fashion, have become popular. We will explain how to choose such a baby carrier and introduce recommended products.
The most common type of baby carrier. The baby’s weight isIt has become popular in recent years because it is lightweight, easy to carry, simple and easy to match with fashion. The sling is a type that crosses the body on one shoulder and holds the baby while supporting it. It can be held sideways and is easy to use as a nursing cape.
On the other hand, the baby wrap is a type that wraps the body around both shoulders and waist and wraps the baby in your arms. Because it stretches, it is easy to fit people with various body types, and it can also be used for newborns who have not yet sat down on their necks.

hip seat
evenly distributed over the shoulders and hips, giving it a high sense of stability. A single product can be used in a variety of ways, such as holding a baby upright and reassured him or her, facing the baby and letting him enjoy the scenery, or carrying a baby on his back and doing housework. Since the hip seat is wide, it is easy to maintain an M-shaped leg posture that is less burdensome for babies. However, many products are not foldable, so they can be bulky when carried.

sling baby wrap
A type in which a baby who can sit up on his own is placed on a pedestal-shaped main body and supported with one or both hands. It is convenient when you hold your baby occasionally. However, since it is not designed to support the entire body of the baby, it is necessary to support the baby firmly by hand when using it.

How to choose a baby carrier
Choose according to your baby’s age and usage
When choosing a cuddle string, the key point is when and how long you will use the cuddle string. The heavier the baby, the more supportive the baby carrier will feel, so if you just want to go with one product, a baby carrier is a safe bet. However, most people actually use a baby carrier until they are around 2 years old when the baby can walk alone and weigh more than 10kg, so there are many people who do not need something that is so sturdy.

In these cases, you can choose a sling or baby wrap that is affordable and easy to carry around, and can be used as a main or secondary carrier, or in combination with a stroller. A hip seat is also useful if you occasionally hold a baby who has grown to a certain size and can walk on his or her own.

Compare fit and comfort
The fit is important for safe holding of your baby. It’s best to try them on at a store, but if that’s not possible, check the manufacturer’s website or a reliable parenting blog to see what kind of body types mothers use. Baby carriers with wide shoulder straps and wide shoulder and waist belt adjustments are more suitable for people with different body types. Elastic slings and baby wraps basically fit any body type.

Also, for those who use the carrier on a daily basis, ease of wearing is also an important point. Baby carriers have a lot of support and a high sense of stability, but on the other hand, there are many places to attach them, and it can be a struggle to get used to them. Slings and hip seats, on the other hand, have the advantage of being quick and easy to put on.

Check for breathability and ease of washing
Baby carriers are used all year round, but babies have a higher body temperature than adults and are not as good at regulating their body temperature, and they are more susceptible to UV rays. . There are many mesh-processed parts, and those with high breathability are suitable.

In order to keep it clean, it is necessary to check whether it can be washed frequently. Baby carriers are a hassle to take apart, so slings and baby wraps are easier to wash. In addition, babies drool and lick the shoulder straps, so it is a good idea to prepare a separate bib cover and belt cover.

10 Recommended Baby Carriers
6 recommended baby carriers and piggyback straps
Ergobaby “Omni 360 Cool Air”
Baby carrier popular for its ergonomic and durable construction
A standard model supported by users around the world due to its ergonomic design. You can switch between 4 styles: face-to-face, forward-facing, waist-bearing, and piggyback, shoulder straps that can be worn crosswise, and a waist belt that supports the lower back distributes the baby’s weight, making it easy to hold for a long time. Unique functions such as the “ergonomic seat” that fits the body according to the growth and the “head and neck support” that supports the neck in three stages are also popular.
Baby Bjorn “Baby Carrier HARMONY”
I’m happy with the shoulder pad design that fits the physique of Japanese moms.
Based on our own research, we have developed a pad with a thickness and length that matches the physique of Japanese mothers. In addition, it is a carrier that is particular about the fit of the baby’s body and the distribution of the load.

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